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Latest report: New Immigration Court Cases Fall Sharply After Biden Entry Restrictions Imposed

Other recent reports: Immigration Prosecutions Increase With New Push for Border Enforcement . . . Immigrants Received Legal Help in Court 23,516 Times in First Year and a Half of New Rule . . . New Immigration Court Cases Dropping . . . Two-Thirds of Court Asylum Applicants Found Legally Entitled to Remain . . . DEA Enforcement Continues to Decline in FY 2024 . . . Top Places With the Most Immigrants Recently Ordered Deported . . . 200,000 Immigration Court Cases Dismissed Because DHS Failed to File Paperwork . . . Immigrants Pay $2 Billion in ICE Bonds Since FY 2017 . . . Modest Increase in Official Corruption Convictions in 2023 . . . Too Few Immigration Attorneys: Average Representation Rates Fall from 65% To 30% . . . A Ten Year Look at Inadmissible Migrants and Paroled Migrants at Ports of Entry . . . Immigration Court Backlog Tops 3 Million; Each Judge Assigned 4,500 Cases . . . FY 2023 Weapons Convictions Under Biden Continue At Record High Levels . . . TRAC Adds Asylum Reports on Nearly 100 New Immigration Judges . . . CBP's Inadmissible Data at U.S. Ports of Entry Show Changes in Migration Patterns . . . Ports of Entry Are Issuing More Notices to Appear Than Ever Before . . . Record Number of New Immigration Court Cases Arrive in August; Destinations For Asylum Seekers Shifting . . . Prison Sentencing Patterns for Drug Offenses in U.S. District Courts . . . The Changing Make-Up of Immigration Court Cases Now That Title 42 Has Ended . . . A Close Look at the Geography of Border Patrol Arrests: How a Spike in Annual Arrests Along U.S.-Mexico Border Hides Remarkable Variation by Sector and Nationality . . . Several Years of Record-Setting Hurricanes Lead to Deluge of Insurance Lawsuits in Louisiana Courts . . . Death Sentences Are Almost Never Imposed at the Federal Level . . . Wire Fraud Charges and Convictions Projected to Reach Record Levels in FY 2023 . . . Detained Immigrants Seeking Release on Bond Have Widely Different Outcomes, Overall Bond Grant Rates Have Dropped . . . Convictions for Transporting or Harboring Undocumented Immigrants Jump Under Biden . . . Top County Destinations for Asylum Seekers . . .



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