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Latest report: Representation at Bond Hearings Rising but Outcomes Have Not Improved

Other recent reports: Police Officers Rarely Charged for Excessive Use of Force in Federal Court . . . EOIR Director McHenry Replies To TRAC's Letters But Ignores Agency Data Troubles . . . Judge-by-Judge Sentencing for 315,702 Federal Offenders, 2015-2019 . . . More Immigrants in Limbo as Government Shutdown Due to COVID-19 Leads to Widespread Immigration Court Hearing Cancellations . . . EOIR's Data Release on Asylum So Deficient Public Should Not Rely on Accuracy of Court Records . . . COVID-19 Has Not Stemmed Flow of New Federal Civil Litigation . . . Federal Criminal Prosecutions Plummet in Wake of COVID-19 . . . How Is Covid-19 Impacting Federal Criminal Enforcement? . . . Looking for Immigration Data? TRAC has a Tool for That . . . 51,307 Veterans File Personal Injury Suits Alleging Defective 3M Earplugs . . . Large Numbers at Risk in ICE Detention Facilities for the COVID-19 Virus . . . Is Your Income Higher Now Than 10 Years Ago? It Depends On Where You Live . . . Along the US-Mexico Border Prosecutions for Harboring Immigrants Continue to Climb . . . The Hidden Impact of Removal Proceedings on Rural Communities . . . Decline in ICE Detainees with Criminal Records Could Shape Agency's Response to COVID-19 Pandemic . . . Mapping Where Immigrants Reside While Waiting For Their Immigration Court Hearing . . . Veterans Personal Injury Suits Alleging Defective 3M Earplugs Skyrocket . . . Department of Justice Official Uses Sunshine Week Event to Spread Misinformation about FOIA Processing . . . Lawsuits Against Boeing Drive Record High Airplane Product Liability Filings in 2019 . . . Corporate and White-Collar Prosecutions At All-Time Lows . . . Public Charge Law is Rarely Used to Deport Immigrants - Is That About to Change? . . . ICE Sends Detainers to 3,671 Law Enforcement Agencies in FY 2019 . . . Sharp Decline in Criminal Immigration Prosecutions . . . Use of Video in Place of In-Person Immigration Court Hearings . . . FOIA Lawsuits Are Taking Longer To Resolve . . . Federal Civil Tax Suits Fall by Half Over Last Decade . . .



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