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Latest report: One Year After Hurricane Laura, Louisiana Plaintiffs Rush to Meet One-Year Insurance Filing Deadline in Federal Court

Other recent reports: Immigration Court Struggling to Manage Its Expanding Dedicated Docket of Asylum-Seeking Families . . . Tax Lawsuits Half Levels of a Decade Ago . . . Environmental Prosecutions from Investigations by EPA and Interior Department Continue to Decline . . . FOIA Project's Brief Bank Adds Detailed Court Documents for 27 FOIA Lawsuits . . . 5,000 Assigned to the Immigration Court Dedicated Docket for New Family Asylum Seekers . . . Civil Voting Rights Lawsuits Filed in June 2021 . . . White-Collar Crime Prosecutions for 2021 Continue Long Term Decline . . . Immigration Court Cases Jump in June 2021; Delays Double This Year . . . Recent Spike in Federal Criminal Prosecutions on Indian Lands . . . Civil Immigration Suits Continue to Rise . . . How Many Pending Deportation Cases are There in Your State? TRAC?s Updated Mapping Tool Has the Answer . . . MPP Transfers Into United States Slow and Nationality Inequities Emerge . . . Criminal Prosecutions Referred by EPA in Long-Term Decline . . . Despite Crippling Student Loan Debt, Government Rarely Sues to Recover Defaulted Federal Loans . . . Now Over 8,000 MPP Cases Transferred Into United States Under Biden . . . Official Corruption Prosecutions Have Increased . . . Securities and Commodities Exchange Litigation Reaches New High In March 2021 . . . 40 Languages Spoken Among Asylum Seekers with Pending MPP Cases . . . Nearly 4,000 MPP Cases Transferred Out of MPP Courts Under Biden, But Most Cases Still Remain In Mexico . . . Domestic Terrorism Cases on the Rise in February Following the January 6 Breach of the Capitol Building . . . Millionaires and Corporate Giants Escape IRS Audits Again in FY 2020 . . . Immigrant Detention Numbers Fall Under Biden, But Border Book-Ins Rise . . . Immigrants Facing Deportation Wait Twice as Long in FY 2021 Compared to FY 2020 . . . Justice Delayed Is Justice Denied: Delays Increasingly Undermine FOIA . . . Fraudulent Applicants for Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) and a Surge in Criminal Referrals from Small Business Administration . . . The State of the Immigration Courts: Trump Leaves Biden 1.3 Million Case Backlog in Immigration Courts . . .



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