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Latest report: Asylum Decisions Vary Widely Across Judges and Courts - Latest Results

Other recent reports: Record Number of Asylum Cases in FY 2019 . . . Contrasting Experiences: MPP vs. Non-MPP Immigration Court Cases . . . New Immigration Court Data Released, Even More Records Missing Despite Assurances . . . ICE Detains Fewer Immigrants with Serious Criminal Convictions Under Trump Administration . . . Growth in ICE Detention Fueled by Immigrants with No Criminal Conviction . . . TRAC Asks EOIR to Issue Correction to Public Statements Regarding Incomplete and Inaccurate Data . . . Incomplete and Garbled Immigration Court Data Suggest Lack of Commitment to Accuracy . . . Crushing Immigration Judge Caseloads and Lengthening Hearing Wait Times . . . ICE Detainer Usage Declines in 2019, Trends Vary by State . . . Immigration Court's Active Backlog Surpasses One Million . . . Increasing Numbers "Remain in Mexico" Awaiting Immigration Court Hearings . . . ICE Secure Communities Removals Falling . . . Access to Attorneys Difficult for Those Required to Remain In Mexico . . . ICE Fails to Target Serious Criminals in Immigration Court Filings . . . ICE Focus Shifts Away from Detaining Serious Criminals . . .

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