Mapping IRS Tax Return Filings Reveals Marked Differences in the Distribution of Income and Dependents

2023-04-27 Latest figures on reported income on federal income returns varied markedly across states and counties. Massachusetts had the highest average reported income, followed by Connecticut and Washington State. The lowest with only half that of the top three states was Mississippi. West Virginia and New Mexico returns.

IRS Audits Few Millionaires But Targeted Many Low-Income Families in FY 2022

2023-01-04 While the 2022 Inflation Reduction Act provides the IRS with a large expansion of future funding to beef up audits of the rich, last year IRS revenue agents were only able to audit a small number of millionaire returns Ð just one out of every hundred -- lower than the effective audit rate for the lowest income wage-earners.

IRS Continues Targeting Poorest Families for More Tax Audits During FY 2022

2022-03-29 Internal Revenue Service Commissioner in state of denial over latest IRS statistics revealing that the agency is continuing to target audits on the poorest wage earners. Audit numbers for these low-income wage earners with less than $25,000 in total gross receipts increased compared to a year ago.

IRS Audits Poorest Families at Five Times the Rate for Everyone Else

2022-03-08 Last year in FY 2021, the IRS audited just 4 out of every 1,000 returns filed (0.4%). Audit rates in general have been dropping for many years.
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