Weapons Convictions Under Biden Are At Record High Levels

2023-03-24 Federal convictions for weapons violations have undergone substantial shifts over the last four decades but continue to focus on largely rural America.

Federal Criminal Referrals and Prosecutions Begin Slow Recovery in June

2020-07-20 Federal criminal referrals and prosecutions increased modestly from their abnormally depressed levels since the Trump administration issued new guidance on Sunday evening, March 15, allowing some federal employees to work from home.

Federal Criminal Prosecutions Plummet in Wake of COVID-19

2020-05-28 Referrals to federal prosecutors from all the major investigative agencies fell sharply. The Federal Bureau of Investigation was least successful in having its criminal referrals result in federal attorneys deciding to prosecute.

How Is Covid-19 Impacting Federal Criminal Enforcement?

2020-05-20 Law enforcement agencies across the country have been referring fewer criminal cases to federal prosecutors since the coronavirus pandemic began. Weekly referrals for federal prosecution fell from 4,500 per week to only 1,800 during the last week of March.
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