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Immigrants Facing Deportation Wait Twice as Long in FY 2021 Compared to FY 2020
(12 Feb 2021) The latest available case-by-case Immigrant Court records show that immigration cases that were completed in the first four months of FY 2021 took nearly twice as long from beginning to end as cases completed in the first four months of FY 2020. Cases that were completed between the beginning of October 2020 and the end of January 2021 took, on average, 859 days compared to 436 days over the same period a year before. See more...
Justice Delayed Is Justice Denied: Judges Fail To Rule in a Timely Manner on FOIA Cases
(03 Feb 2021) The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) was passed to ensure the public's right to know what their government was doing. Response delays have become a perennial problem. Federal officials increasingly ignore FOIA deadlines for responding, forcing FOIA requesters to take them to court. As a result, the number of FOIA lawsuits have been rising because federal agencies were often not responding at all. See more...
TRAC Updates New Immigration 'Quick Facts' Feature
(28 Jan 2021) Our new Quick Facts feature has just been updated with the latest data on ICE detention. The total number of people held in immigration detention continued to decline to 14,195 as of January 22, 2021. Of these detainees, 4,053 or 28.6 percent have no criminal record and many more have only minor offenses including traffic violations. See more...
Fraudulent Applicants for Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) and a Surge in Criminal Referrals from Small Business Administration
(27 Jan 2021) The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) made more criminal referrals to federal prosecutors at the Department of Justice in FY 2020—a total of 91—than any year in the past two decades. Referrals began increasing in April 2020 after efforts began to identify those who submitted fraudulent bank loans under the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) established by the CARES Act. SBA referrals also remained higher than usual during the first three months of FY 2021 (October - December 2020). See more...
Trump Leaves Biden 1.3 Million Case Backlog in Immigration Courts
(19 Jan 2021) When President Donald Trump assumed office, 542,411 people had deportation cases pending before the Immigration Courts. At the start of 2021, that number now stands at 1,290,766—nearly two and a half times the level when Trump assumed office just four years ago. See more...
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