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Fewer Employment Lawsuits Under the Americans with Disabilities Act
(07 May 2019) The latest available data from the federal courts show divergent trends for civil filings under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). See more...
Majority of New Family Immigration Court Cases Already in Sanctuary Cities
(23 Apr 2019) Despite the concern about the number of families arriving at the border seeking asylum, families continue to remain a minor proportion of new cases arriving at the Immigration Courts each month. See more...
Ten-Fold Difference in Odds of ICE Enforcement Depending Upon Where You Live
(11 Apr 2019) The odds of being arrested and deported by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) vary greatly depending upon where an individual lives. See more...
Federal Criminal Prosecutions Drop Along Southwest Border
(02 Apr 2019) The latest available case-by-case records from federal prosecutors for February 2019 show Customs and Border Protection (CBP)-referred prosecutions dropped by 12 percent last month. See more...
Federal Government Civil Filings Rebound After the Shutdown
(28 Mar 2019) The latest available data from the federal courts for February 2019 show that the number of civil suits filed by the U.S. government has rebounded from their depressed levels during the federal government partial shutdown. See more...
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