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FY 2021 Begins with Largest Immigration Court Backlog on Record
(24 Nov 2020) Fiscal Year 2021 began with the largest number of Immigration Court cases in its active backlog to date: in October, 1,273,885 immigration cases were pending before the courts. Most of the pending cases—918,673 or 72 percent—involved nationals from Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, and El Salvador. See more...
Securities and Commodities Exchange Litigation Reaches All-Time High in September 2020
(10 Nov 2020) The latest available data from the federal courts show that during September 2020, the government reported 262 new securities and commodities exchange civil filings based upon the recorded nature of the suit. This is the highest number of such filings for a single month on record going back to at least October 2007. See more...
Beyond Asylum: Deportation Relief During the Trump Administration
(29 Oct 2020) The latest case-by-case court records show that Immigration Judges completed 1,075,578 deportation cases thus far during the Trump Administration. Of these, 395,244 immigrants (37%) submitted applications for what is commonly known as "relief from deportation"—or simply "relief"—to the Immigration Court. If approved, an application for relief generally allows an immigrant to remain in the country and may provide a path to temporary or permanent status in the United States. See more...
Asylum Denial Rates Continue to Climb in 2020 - Judge-by-Judge Details
(28 Oct 2020) Despite the partial court shutdown during the COVID-19 pandemic, this year immigration judges managed to issue the second highest number of asylum decisions in the last two decades. The rate of denial continued to climb to a record high of 72 percent, up from 55 percent during the last year of the Obama Administration in FY 2016. See more...
Child Sex Trafficking Prosecutions Fall During Trump Administration
(26 Oct 2020) The latest available case-by-case federal government records show that in September 2020 federal prosecutors brought criminal charges against eleven (11) individuals for child sex trafficking under 18 USC 1591. Altogether in FY 2020, the federal government reports 180 new prosecutions where child sex trafficking was the lead charge. See more...
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