drugs prosecutions filed in April 2024
U.S. Attorneys recorded 1,088 defendants charged with drugs offenses in U.S. district courts in April 2024.
conviction rate for drugs offenses in April 2024
Of the 2,240 drugs defendant referrals disposed of by U.S. Attorneys in April 2024, 1,629 or 73% were convicted in U.S. district court, 396 were closed without prosecution, and 215 were not convicted after prosecution.
contributed most drugs referrals in April 2024
Out of a total of 2,240 defendants referred for drugs offenses disposed of in April 2024, the largest number of 1,084 were referred by the DEA
Okla, N
had the most drugs convictions per capita in District Court during April 2024
District Per Capita
Okla, N 2,949
N Dakota 2,618
S Dakota 2,410
Utah 2,378
Alaska 2,050
In April 2024 U.S. Attorneys reported more individuals convicted of drugs offenses relative to population size in the Northern District of Oklahoma District Court than in any other federal district