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    If you're looking for key data points on the immigration courts and immigrant detention, visit TRAC's new 'quick facts' tools. You'll find the most recent data TRAC has on a variety of timely topics, from the current immigration court backlog to ICE's most recent detention statistics. We make it easy to understand the data in context and provide an easily-quotable description.

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Border Patrol Arrests (through April 2018)
ICE Detainers (through June 2020)
ICE Arrests in the Interior of the U.S. (through May 2018)
ICE Detention (through July 2019)
ICE Removals - All (through June 2020)
ICE Removals - Under Secure Communities (through April 2019)
New Deportation Proceedings Filed in Immigration Court (October 1991 through April 2022)
Outcomes of Deportation Proceedings (October 1997 through April 2022)
Details on MPP (Remain in Mexico) Deportation Proceedings (January 2019 through November 2021)
Immigration Court Backlog (October 1997 through April 2022)
Representation in Immigration Court by State and County (through April 2022)
Immigration Court Asylum Filings (October 2000 through November 2021)
  • Details on Asylum Filings
    by Hearing Location and Attendance, Representation, Nationality, Custody, Month and Year of Filing and Outcome
Immigration Court Asylum Decisions (October 2000 through April 2022)
Immigration Court Asylum Backlog (September 2012 through December 2021)
Immigration Court Bond Decisions (October 2000 through April 2022)
Immigration Court Asylum Decisions (through September 2020)
Juveniles (October 2004 through September 2021)
Women with Children (July 2014 through May 2018)
Immigration Court Time By Outcome (October 1997 through April 2022)
Immigration Court Time By Charge (October 1997 through April 2022)
Detention Facility Departures (October 2014 through September 2015)
Detention Facility Transfers (October 2014 through September 2015)
U.S. Code (through September 2019)
TRAC Data Interpreter Criminal (October 1991 through November 2021)
TRAC Data Interpreter Civil (October 2007 through September 2021)