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72,462 Convictions
in Fiscal Year 2023


    15 USC Sec. 80


    Sec. 80a-1. Findings and declaration of policy
    Sec. 80a-2. Definitions; applicability; rulemaking considerations
    Sec. 80a-3. Definition of investment company
    Sec. 80a-3a. Protection of philanthropy under State law
    Sec. 80a-4. Classification of investment companies
    Sec. 80a-5. Subclassification of management companies
    Sec. 80a-6. Exemptions
    Sec. 80a-7. Transactions by unregistered investment companies
    Sec. 80a-8. Registration of investment companies
    Sec. 80a-9. Ineligibility of certain affiliated persons and
    Sec. 80a-10. Affiliations or interest of directors, officers, and
    Sec. 80a-11. Offers to exchange securities
    Sec. 80a-12. Functions and activities of investment companies
    Sec. 80a-13. Changes in investment policy
    Sec. 80a-14. Size of investment companies
    Sec. 80a-15. Contracts of advisers and underwriters
    Sec. 80a-16. Board of directors
    Sec. 80a-17. Transactions of certain affiliated persons and
    Sec. 80a-18. Capital structure of investment companies
    Sec. 80a-19. Payments or distributions
    Sec. 80a-20. Proxies; voting trusts; circular ownership
    Sec. 80a-21. Loans by management companies
    Sec. 80a-22. Distribution, redemption, and repurchase of
securities; regulations by securities associations
    Sec. 80a-23. Closed-end companies
    Sec. 80a-24. Registration of securities under Securities Act of
    Sec. 80a-25. Reorganization plans; reports by Commission
    Sec. 80a-26. Unit investment trusts
    Sec. 80a-27. Periodic payment plans
    Sec. 80a-28. Face-amount certificate companies
    Sec. 80a-29. Reports and financial statements of investment
companies and affiliated persons
    Sec. 80a-30. Accounts and records
    Sec. 80a-31. Accountants and auditors
    Sec. 80a-32. Filing of documents with Commission in civil actions
    Sec. 80a-33. Destruction and falsification of reports and records
    Sec. 80a-34. Unlawful representations and names
    Sec. 80a-35. Breach of fiduciary duty
    Sec. 80a-36. Larceny and embezzlement
    Sec. 80a-37. Rules, regulations, and orders
    Sec. 80a-38. Procedure for issuance of rules and regulations
    Sec. 80a-39. Procedure for issuance of orders
    Sec. 80a-40. Hearings by Commission
    Sec. 80a-41. Enforcement of subchapter
    Sec. 80a-42. Court review of orders
    Sec. 80a-43. Jurisdiction of offenses and suits
    Sec. 80a-44. Disclosure of information filed with Commission;
    Sec. 80a-45. Reports by Commission; hiring and leasing authority
    Sec. 80a-46. Validity of contracts
    Sec. 80a-47. Violation of subchapter
    Sec. 80a-48. Penalties
    Sec. 80a-49. Construction with other laws
    Sec. 80a-50. Separability
    Sec. 80a-51. Short title
    Sec. 80a-52. Effective date
    Sec. 80a-53. Election to be regulated as business development
    Sec. 80a-54. Acquisition of assets by business development
    Sec. 80a-55. Qualifications of directors
    Sec. 80a-56. Transactions with certain affiliates
    Sec. 80a-57. Changes in investment policy
    Sec. 80a-58. Incorporation of subchapter provisions
    Sec. 80a-59. Functions and activities of business development
    Sec. 80a-60. Capital structure
    Sec. 80a-61. Loans
    Sec. 80a-62. Distribution and repurchase of securities
    Sec. 80a-63. Accounts and records
    Sec. 80a-64. Preventing compliance with subchapter; liability of
controlling persons
    Sec. 80b-1. Findings
    Sec. 80b-2. Definitions
    Sec. 80b-3. Registration of investment advisers
    Sec. 80b-3a. State and Federal responsibilities
    Sec. 80b-4. Reports by investment advisers
    Sec. 80b-4a. Prevention of misuse of nonpublic information
    Sec. 80b-5. Investment advisory contracts
    Sec. 80b-6. Prohibited transactions by investment advisers
    Sec. 80b-6a. Exemptions
    Sec. 80b-7. Material misstatements
    Sec. 80b-8. General prohibitions
    Sec. 80b-9. Enforcement of subchapter
    Sec. 80b-10. Disclosure of information by Commission
    Sec. 80b-10a. Consultation
    Sec. 80b-11. Rules, regulations, and orders of Commission
    Sec. 80b-12. Hearings
    Sec. 80b-13. Court review of orders
    Sec. 80b-14. Jurisdiction of offenses and suits
    Sec. 80b-15. Validity of contracts
    Sec. 80b-16. Omitted
    Sec. 80b-17. Penalties
    Sec. 80b-18. Hiring and leasing authority of Commission
    Sec. 80b-18a. State regulation of investment advisers
    Sec. 80b-19. Separability
    Sec. 80b-20. Short title
    Sec. 80b-21. Effective date
    Sec. 80c. Liaison between Securities Exchange Commission and Small
Business Administration
    Sec. 80c-1. Annual government-business forum on capital formation
    Sec. 80c-2. Authorization of appropriations
    Sec. 80c-3. Reduction of costs of small securities issues
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