FY 2023 Weapons Convictions Under Biden Continue At Record High Levels
(11 Dec 2023) Federal convictions for weapons convictions for FY 2023 ended with another record year, even exceeding predictions from earlier. Federal prosecutors obtained 1,082 convictions in September, ending out the fiscal year with a total of 9,460 covering October 2022 through September 2023. Thus, convictions showed an accelerating pace during the last half of the fiscal year.

The average number of convictions during the Biden administration has been consistently higher—averaging about 17 percent greater—than those during the Trump administration. These results are based on an analysis of case-by-case records obtained from the Department of Justice by the Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse (TRAC) after lengthy and successful litigation under the Freedom of Information Act.

Prohibited firearms activity under Title 18 Section 922 accounted for 83 percent of convictions this year. The next two statutes accounting for the most weapons convictions were Title 18 Section 1951 (Hobbs Act) for the actual or attempted robbery or extortion affecting interstate or foreign commerce, and Title 21 Section 841 for prohibited drug activity. They each accounted for an additional 3 percent of all weapons convictions during FY 2023.

Generally federal weapons prosecutions and convictions are not concentrated in districts with the largest urban centers. For example, Miami (Florida South) ranked 55th out of the 90 federal judicial districts covering all states, New York South, where Manhattan is located, ranked 62nd, Chicago (Illinois North) ranked 83rd, and Los Angeles (California Central) ranked 88th.

In contrast, districts in the top five with the most weapons convictions relative to their population included: New Mexico, Arkansas East (Little Rock), the Southern District of Alabama (Mobile), and Tennessee West (Memphis). The Eastern District of Missouri where St. Louis is located, held the top spot.

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