TRAC Releases New Tool for Tracking Deportation Cases, Includes 'Crimmigration' Data
(19 Apr 2022) TRAC is excited to announce a new online, interactive data tool that allows the public to view detailed information about new deportation cases filed in Immigration Court each month. TRAC's "New Deportation Proceedings" tool, which has been updated with data through the end of March 2022, provides unprecedented insight into the 384,000 new deportation cases that have been added to court in FY 2022 so far.

Immigrants who are facing deportation in the United States, including many who are seeking asylum, are first issued a Notice to Appear (NTA) by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), which begins the deportation process through the Immigration Courts. The public has had a longstanding interest in having access to reliable and timely information about these cases not only because they affect many millions of immigrants and US citizen family members, but also because these cases reflect policy agenda of presidential administrations, Congress's immigration priorities, and the day-to-day operations of the US immigration system.

TRAC's "New Deportation Proceedings" tool provides additional data not available before about the seriousness of charges brought against immigrants by DHS on the Notice to Appear. Although the deportation process in the Immigration Courts is a civil process, the US immigration enforcement system and the US criminal justice system have become increasingly interrelated. As a result, the field of legal practice and scholarly research known as 'crimmigration' has been growing in recent years. Using TRAC's new tool, users are able to view trends in the use of terrorism charges, aggravated felonies, and criminal charges, as well as view the frequency of deportation cases that list no criminal charges.

The tool also allows the public to view data by immigration court location, nationality, language, gender, hearing attendance, representation rates, and geography of immigrants' residence. Data may be viewed over time by fiscal year or the seriousness of charges may be viewed as a composition of selected categories (e.g. nationality, state, or immigration court) in a pie chart format.

TRAC's "New Deportation Proceedings" tool is the latest addition to TRAC's other valuable data tools on deportation process available to the public, including tools that examine the growing court backlog, the outcome of asylum cases, the outcome of deportation cases, and judge-by-judge asylum decision rates, among many areas of research.

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