Graphical Highlights
Reason Federal Prosecutor Gave for Declining To
Prosecute International Terrorism Criminal Referrals

Reason Recorded for Declining to Prosecute Number
Agency request 117
Lack of evidence of criminal intent 108
Weak or insufficient admissible evidence 97
No federal offense evident 86
Suspect to be prosecuted by other authorities 67
Office policy 65
All work completed 35
No known suspect 26
Suspect deceased 22
Witness problems 14
Opened in Error/Office Error 12
Minimal federal interest or no deterrent value 11
Suspect being prosecuted on other charges (e.g., UFAPs) 9
Jurisdiction or venue problems 7
Lack of investigative resources 7
Lack of prosecutive resources 7
Dism: by govt from District Court w/o DOJ authorization 6
Department Policy 6
Defendant similarly charged in subsequent instrument 4
Suspect deported 4
Staleness 2
Declined per instructions from DOJ 2
Suspects cooperation 2
Suspect a fugitive 2
Citation filed 2
Civil, admin or other disciplinary alternatives 2
Statute of Limitations 1
Rule 20 (District Court) 1
Extradition 1
Deferred to State Authorities from District Court (e.g., UFAPs) 1
Juvenile suspect 1
Pretrial diversion completed 1
Dism: by govt from Magistrate Court w/o DOJ authorization 1
Indictment filed (following a complaint filing) 1
Suspect serving sentence 1
Rule 40 1

* There were an additional 16 referrals for which the declination reason is not known.

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