Graphical Highlights
FBI in War and Peace
Activities and Priorities

Six-fold increase in international terrorism referrals for prosecution after 9/11
Despite jump in terrorism referrals, they are still dwarfed by main FBI programs
FBI referrals for all programs dropped after 9/11, but have recovered
Since 9/11 FBI's dominant focus on drugs and protecting banks has little changed

Staffing and Priorities

Latest FBI plans show very modest increase in staff for counterterrorism
Latest FBI plans show few staff reductions elsewhere
FBI intelligence officers almost quintupled during the Clinton years 
FBI intelligence officers have been declining under Bush 

Methods and Results on Terrorism Front

Number of Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrants decline
FBI terrorism referrals often declined by prosecutors, even after 9/11
FBI terrorism convictions often receive little prison time
[See also TRAC Supplement: Criminal Enforcement Against Terrorists (June, 2002)]

National Enforcement Profile:

FBI focus on white collar crimes has been steadly declining since 1995
FBI special agents relative to US population has grown, 1909 - 2001
FBI has largest criminal investigating staff among federal law enforcement agencies
FBI convictions by lead charge, 1974 - 2001

Performance Indicators: 
Referrals for prosecution down but proportion resulting in conviction are up

Median sentence for all FBI convictions creeping up since 1992
Trends improving for prosecution and conviction rates since 1992 
Outcome of FBI referrals: conviction and prison
FBI referrals for prosecution more likely to be judged legally insufficient
FBI staffing versus convictions, 1975 - 2001

  Regional Variation: 
Median prison sentence on FBI referrals varies from 5.5 months to 114 months
Wide state variation in FBI staffing
Per capita white collar crime prosecutions highly varied
District-by-district FBI drug enforcement activities apparently erratic 
FBI Role in the Federal Drug War: 
FBI drug enforcement continues sharply up

Cocaine dominates FBI drug convictions
FBI lead charges similar to DEA
FBI is third in federal drug convictions

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