TRAC Unveils New and Improved Homepage
(02 May 2024) TRAC is excited to announce a comprehensive redesign of our homepage to enhance user experience and streamline access to data and reports right from the start. As a technical website designed to handle TRAC’s vast troves of data and a high volume of traffic each month, we aim to provide the public with the most current data possible while prioritizing stability (with minimum downtime). The new homepage redesign maintains this commitment and our color scheme, but emphasizes visual data presentation, improves readability, and streamlines navigation—especially on smartphones and tablets. Our latest reports, interactive data tools, and most requested data points from various domains of research are now all accessible directly from the homepage.

TRAC’s homepage includes several sections that will be dynamically updated as TRAC publishes new reports and announcements or updates our many interactive data tools.

TRAC Meters. The top of the homepage features a data ticker much like the one that we added to our immigration landing page several months ago. Each ticker highlights a commonly requested data point, such as the current immigration court backlog or total federal weapons prosecutions and convictions from the most recent month of data available. The arrows show the recent trend up or down, with previous data listed under the current data. Clicking on these data points will take you to the source of the data.

Header Tools. To the left and right of TRAC’s logo are additional navigation tools. A drop down menu to the left provides links to the new landing pages for various domains of TRAC’s research on the federal government. To the right, a search makes it easy to find reports or data sources anywhere on TRAC’s website. If you’re looking for comprehensive data on federal litigation under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Act, a link to the FOIA Project will take you there. If you are a member of TRACFed, a link will take you to the TRACFed homepage.

Landing pages for content areas. Below the header is a list of landing pages for TRAC’s research on immigration, FBI, DEA, IRS, ATF, judges, and an area called TRAC+ for other research data that does not fall neatly into other categories.

Latest reports. The largest part of the homepage is dedicated to summaries of (and links to) our latest reports. The most recent report includes a featured image and every report now comes with a top-level summary of the report. Expanding this dynamic section will increase the number of recent reports visible on the homepage from four to ten.

What’s New. The What’s New area beneath the latest reports includes reports, but also includes a full list of TRAC’s latest announcements, not all of which are full reports. These include, for instance, links to the latest ICE detention and ATD numbers.

Quick Facts. TRAC’s quick facts tools provide key data points in context with links to the underlying data. Our first quick facts tools focused on immigrant detention and the immigration courts, but we have now expanded quick facts to include prosecutions for white-collar crime, drugs, and weapons—all accessible from the homepage.

Data tools. Although users can find TRAC’s many data tools on the landing page of each research area, data tools are also accessible directly from the homepage, too, with links to new immigration court filings, IRS criminal enforcement, and more.

TRAC at Work. TRAC is frequently cited in news articles, academic research, books, government reports, and other outlets. The “TRAC at Work” section of the homepage shows some of the latest places where TRAC’s research has had an impact and provides a link to a more comprehensive list of citations.

Email Sign-up & TRAC Fellows. Finally, if you don’t already receive email announcements from TRAC, our new email sign-up page—linked to in the footer of the homepage—is also streamlined to make it easier and quicker to navigate. If you have a research project that you believe would benefit from more customized and detailed access to TRAC’s data, learn more about the TRAC Fellows program.

We invite you to visit and explore the new homepage, and we would appreciate any feedback you may have, as it will help us continue to refine and improve your experience. Please send comments and questions to us at

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