Top County Destinations for Asylum Seekers
(21 Jun 2023) New York City remains the top destination for recently arrived migrants seeking asylum in the United States. Almost 39,000 have located in New York in just the last three months, based on the zip codes of where immigrants with new deportation cases have settled according to Immigration Court records. Compared to New York City, Houston and Miami-Dade County are a distant fourth and fifth place.

These numbers, compiled by the Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse (TRAC) at Syracuse University, cover very recent arrivals from March 1, 2023 through May 31, 2023. These Notices to Appear (NTAs) issued by Department of Homeland Security (DHS) officials require noncitizens to appear in Immigration Court and defend themselves against the government’s efforts to deport them. For many, they will need to establish that they should be granted asylum or alternative forms of relief from removal.

Most individuals with newly issued NTAs entered the U.S. at the country’s southwest border. This is true even when they originally came from such far-flung places as Russia and Uzbekistan. Once inside the country, most head away from the border as soon as they can find transportation. Indeed, rounding out the top three destination counties are Los Angeles County and Cook County where Chicago is located.

The most frequent destination county in Texas is Harris County, Texas where Houston is located. In Florida, the main county of destination is Miami-Dade County. Compared with New York City’s total of 38,765 new deportation cases in the last three months, Harris County recorded 11,037 new cases and Miami-Dade County recorded 10,897.

Destinations often varied by nationality. About a quarter (23%) of the immigrants (88,779) in this study ended up in these five major metropolitan areas. The remaining 296,504 newly arriving individuals and families dispersed much more widely. Indeed, 2,399 other counties have become the home for these individuals just during these last three months.

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