We redesigned the home page of TRAC's public site
(16 Jul 2004) We redesigned the home page of TRAC's public site on July 16, 2004 to reflect the creation of the Department of Homeland Security, and other post-9/11/2001 initiatives that resulted in many changes in federal agency alignments. Information on how customs laws are enforced can now be found under the DHS icon and Customs Enforcement. Similarily, information about the enforcement of immigration laws by DHS is also under the DHS icon and Immigration Enforcement. We delayed making these changes in hopes that the Executive Office for United States Attorneys would bring their agency codes into line with the re-organization of April 2003. However, because it is not clear when the coding changes will be made, we have decided to go ahead with presenting information on immigration enforcement and customs enforcement. We will re-organize TRAC's enforcement information when government brings the agency codes up to date.

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