Judging the Judges
(26 Aug 2002) Judging the Judges: A new service on our TRACFED subscription site (available August 26, 2002) lets users review the work of most federal district judges who served from FY 1968 to FY 2001. Available information includes their workload, sentences and case disposition times. The service also allows users to compare the work of one judge with the work of all the judges in that district or the nation as a whole and to generate annual case-by-case lists of matters disposed of by a particular judge. Coverage includes criminal cases and civil matters where the government is a party and that were handled by assistant U.S. attorneys. Although court proceedings are typically open, and court records can be examined about most specific cases and opinions are often published, this site provides a different view: systematic comparative information about how a judge has functioned in the overall handling of the court's business.

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