ICE Detainer Usage Declines in 2019, Trends Vary by State
(19 Sep 2019) Newly released Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) data-updated through May 2019-reveals that ICE has been issuing about 6 percent fewer detainers this year than it did during the same period last year. During the first eight months of FY 2019, ICE issued 13,898 detainers on average each month, down from 14,775 per month in FY 2018.

Detainers are viewed by ICE as a foundation for its Secure Communities program. This decline in detainer usage parallels a similar recent decline in the number of Secure Communities deportations. In addition, recorded refusals to honor ICE detainers by local law enforcement agencies increased 36.9 percent over the recorded refusal level of five years ago.

There have been substantial changes in where ICE now targets its detainers. Detainers ICE prepared for California law enforcement agencies have increased by 42.0 percent from levels of five years ago. Other states with large jumps included a 35.7 percent increase in Florida, a 32.4 percent gain in New Jersey, a 21.7 percent rise in New York, and a 21.1 percent increase in Georgia.

The largest drop occurred in Arizona where ICE has issued 35.6 percent fewer detainers. North Carolina also experienced a decline. There detainers issued decreased by 9.7 percent. Numbers for Texas fell by 8 percent.

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