Federal Tax Returns: Latest Rankings by County, State and More
(11 Apr 2017) For many years, the county with the highest adjusted gross income per federal tax return payer was found in glossy locations such as Teton County, Wyoming, Fairfield County, Connecticut and New York Country, N.Y. But for the latest available tax year - returns filed during 2015 -- the top ranking county in the nation according to this count has moved south, to McMullen County, Texas, where its best known feature is Boot Hill Cemetery in Tilden.

McMullen County in Texas topped the list with an average of $303,717 in adjusted gross income reported in 2015, while Clay County (Fort Gaines) in Georgia came in last, reporting an average of only $26,649 in adjusted gross income on returns filed there. New York County (Manhattan) in New York reported the highest average wages and salaries of $106,778. At the other end is Catron County (Glenwood) in New Mexico with average wages and salaries of only $15,530.

Overtime, the proportion of reported income from wages and salaries has slipped. For returns filed during 2015 wages and salaries made up only 69 percent of reported AGI. For 2014 it was 71 percent. Ten years ago it was 73 percent, while twenty years ago wages and salaries made up 77 percent.

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