Immigration Court Post-Trump Cases: Latest Data
(21 Mar 2017) The latest available case-by-case Immigration Court records through the end of February 2017 give an early glimpse at what, if any, changes are emerging in deportation actions by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Court records reveal that so far, since Trump assumed office, a total of 11,040 cases have been initiated by DHS seeking removal orders.

Because there is often a delay between the date of the Notice and the date it is filed and recorded by the Immigration Court, it is too soon to determine overall trends. However, some large shifts in the composition of post-Trump cases are suggestive:

  • The court is now seeing many more cases where the individual was detained at the time the case is filed, and fewer non-detained cases.

  • California, as compared to Texas and New York, are seeing larger numbers proportionately than previously.

  • The court is receiving fewer cases from individuals who entered the country within the last year, including fewer unaccompanied juveniles and women with children seeking refuge in the U.S.

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