ICE Detainee Population Doubles, Individual Transfers Climb Even Faster
(02 Dec 2009) The number of individuals held in hundreds of different detention facilities by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in the just-ended fiscal year (2009) is estimated to have reached 369,483, more than twice what it was in FY 1999. A TRAC analysis of millions of government records shows that to handle this pronounced surge in detainess, ICE has increasingly resorted to transferring individuals to facilities that are often far from where the apprehension took place.

This analysis is based upon previously unavailable data obtained by TRAC and Human Rights Watch under the Freedom of Information Act, as well as other sources.

Available are both an overview report at:
and 1,393 individual facility-by-facility reports - each complete with tables, graphs, and text analyzing each detention facility's transfer records over the last decade:
Accompanying these reports is a new free online tool where users can make a focused query about a specific detention facility or set variables to produce specialized facility-by-facility listings providing comparative numbers on transfer volumes.

TRAC plans to develop additional facility-by-facility reports in this detainee series analyzing individuals who were deported, released on bond, or left ICE custody for other reasons from each facility.

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