Federal Funds Updated Through FY 2007
(13 Feb 2009) The TRACFED website has been updated with the latest available information on federal expenditures. Extensive data on direct payments as well as insurance programs and loans from 1993 through 2007 are now available to subscribers of the TRACFED data service. Go to:
This update includes detailed information about where, when and how the federal government is spending our money. For example, direct payments -- for such purposes as salaries, procurement, grants and Social Security -- have grown to $8,704 per person in 2007, up 24% since fiscal 2000, when they totalled $7,003 in constant dollars. By comparison, such spending in 2000 had barely changed from 1993, when it was $7,083 per person.

A somewhat different trend can be seen in government spending on loans (guaranteed and direct) and insurance. Between 1993 and 2000, this type of expenditure grew nearly 50% -- from $2,174 per person to $3,256 per person, measured in constant dollars. Between 2000 and 2007, such spending continued to rise another 43% -- up to $4,667.

Using the TRACFED tools, you can track which states, counties and federal judicial districts are receiving more funding, which are getting less and how each ranks. For example, looking at direct payments only, the government spent $14,760 per person in Virginia in 2007, but only $6,974 in Illinois. You can also look at changes over time: per capita spending in Illinois increased 19% from 1993, when it was $5,848 in constant dollars. Over the same period of time, spending in Virginia had risen from $9,935, a 49% increase.

You can also examine departments and agencies, and look at types of funds or specific programs. For example, over a 15 year period, total direct spending by the Department of Agriculture grew by only 2.7%, from $85 million in 1993 (in constant dollars) to $87.3 million in 2007. Over the same period, Department of Agriculture spending in the form of insurance and loans more than doubled, from $41.3 million in 1993 to $87.9 million in 2007.

TRAC depends on your subscription fees, as well as foundation grants and individual contributions for the funding needed to obtain, analyze and publish the data we collect on the activities of the US Federal government. Thank you for your support.

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