Federal Drug Prosecutions Reach Five Year Low
(02 Mar 2007) Federal narcotic and drug prosecutions continue to decline, according to timely criminal enforcement data from the Justice Department. In November 2006, there were 1,889 filings in this category, down about 14% from the previous month, down 11% from the previous year, and reaching their lowest number in the last five years.

To see the reports on the latest enforcement trends, go to:
Also released are updated reports on federal criminal prosecutions for white collar crime, immigration and weapons offenses, as well as reports on both prosecutions and convictions in the areas of civil rights, environment, official corruption, organized crime, child pornography and government regulation. TRAC continues to offer detailed listings of individual cases in these last six categories for a modest additional fee.

November 2006 criminal data are available to TRACFED subscription users via the Express and Analyzer tools. For more information, go to .

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