FY 2006 Criminal Data Available
(08 Feb 2007) TRACFED data on criminal enforcement activity has been updated to include all of FY 2006 and is now available to TRACFED subscribers.
The new data are interesting for many reasons. For example, the Senate Judiciary Committee is investigating the Justice Department's recent decision to remove more than ten of the nation's federal prosecutors. The rhetoric in this dispute has been high. But, as far as is known, the actual records of these targeted U.S. attorneys during the last few years -- for immigration cases, gun case, white collar crime cases, etc -- have not been systematically examined. With your subscription to TRACFED's timely data -- now including all of FY 2006 -- such an examination is very easy. Just go to TRACFED Criminal and use the Express - Programs - Compare. Ask for the district of interest and the number of prosecutions, median sentence, percent prosecuted, or other measures.

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