New Data on the Processing of So-called Aggravated Felons
(08 Jan 2007) Data recently obtained by TRAC from the DOJ and the DHS provide new insights about a complex, obscure and in some cases controversial procedure under which an estimated 300,000 non-citizens have been deported from the US in the last decade and a half after being categorized as "aggravated felons." Overall the annual number of individuals ordered removed under this program has been increasing -- more than doubling since FY 1992.

The use of the procedure has caused concern among some immigration rights groups. This is primarily because while many of those categorized as "aggravated felons" and then ordered out of the country have previously been convicted of very serious crimes, others have been involved in offenses that do not appear to be as serious as suggested by the label, including some who had been convicted in state courts on misdemeanor charges such as shoplifting.

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