TRACFED Search Function Added
(28 Feb 2005) A whole new easy-to-use method for accessing the masses of data in TRACFED was installed on Monday, February 28. With it, by typing in a word or group of words, you can search all of the available data bases in TRACFED for data relevant to your query. By typing in the word "civil rights" for example, you are presented a bill board with various kinds of information about this subject in regard to criminal enforcement, civil enforcement, federal staffing and federal funds. Each of these broad categories has links that will take you directly to a more focused area of interest. Searches can be made about particular agencies (DHS) or laws (18 USC 1956) as well as subjects like civil rights or stock fraud. In addition to obtaining the bill board to the information about what's available in TRACFED, you have the option of ordering a short customized report on the selected subject or of searching TRAC's public sites for relevant information. There are no charges for searches.

In addition to the above kinds of subjects, searches can also be initiated for reports on the official activities of individual federal judges and salaries of government lawyers and all officials earning $100,000 or more.

(If you know exactly what you are after, access to TRACFED can still be achieved by clicking on one of our familiar balloons.)

In conjunction with today's release, TRAC also has totally revised and improved our quick start guides. The new guides now include easy-to-follow "movies" that lead you through each step in the selection process.

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