New edition of our FBI Web Site
(17 Jun 2002) TRAC is releasing two new reports and has just added new data (through March 2002) to TRACFED.
  • New edition of our FBI Web Site was released Monday, June 17. This free service provides useful, up-to-date information about how the FBI is enforcing the law -- against drug dealers, bank robbers, white collar criminals and -- the hot subject of the day -- terrorists. Also available will be information about FBI staffing, performance and district-by-district enforcement variations. A summary of new findings, clear graphs, tables and maps.

  • Special TRAC Terrorism Report summarizing information about terrorism enforcement by the entire federal government -- updated through the end of March -- was released Monday, June 17. FBI is the lead player, but the role of other agencies such as the INS and Customs is not negligible. Referrals, prosecutions, convictions, sentences. What criminal charges are brought against those individuals who the prosecutors have labeled terrorists. A special tool is available to query on terrorism referrals since September 11.

  • Monthly data on federal criminal enforcement (through March 2002) is being added to TRACFED. Access from Analyzer tool now available. Non-subscribers can browse the entire site for free, and view all menus and forms in detail. To submit queries to our databases, TRACFED is available in two ways. For institutions like news groups, law firms, and universities, site licenses can be established. Personal TRACFED subscriptions can be obtained on line.

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