Huge Differences in the Number of Persons Sentenced by Individual Judges
Where Does Your Judge Rank?

Robert C. Brack was confirmed as a judge for the federal district of New Mexico on July 14, 2003. He reports that in the ensuing years — almost 12 of them now — he has achieved what he views as an unfortunate record. "By the end of 2015, if the government's criminal enforcement of the immigration laws is not substantially changed, I will have sentenced more than 15,000 individuals."

Though looking at the full historical record of the courts on this question is difficult, Judge Brack's total count may well mean that he has sentenced more federal criminal defendants than any other federal district judge in U.S. history.

But only focusing on the last five years the judge's record for FY 2010-FY 2014 is staggering: 6,708 defendants, by far the most in the nation and nearly 2,000 more than the next judge on the list. These counts are based on the analysis of millions of records by the Transactional Records Access Records Access Clearinghouse (TRAC) of Syracuse University.

As suggested above, Judge Brack is not proud of his distinctive record. "It just tears at my heart," he said in a brief conversation with TRAC. The judge, in this and other interviews, has said he does not agree with the heavy reliance of Congress and the administration in using criminal sanctions as an important way to deal with the flood of undocumented individuals attempting to come to the United States, especially along the borders with Mexico. On the day Judge Brack was interviewed, he said one mother he had just convicted would not be able to legally return to her family in Los Angeles since she would be deported and barred from returning.

While fully explaining the stark judge-to-judge variations is a challenge, mostly because of the many different forces always at work in shaping the day-to-day operations of the courts, one of them can mostly be ruled out as a significant factor: the personal work habits of individual judges. Thus, the explanation for Judge Brack's unique position was almost certainly determined by political, administrative and judicial forces not subject to his control.

Indeed, as shown in Table 1 which lists the judges according to the number of individuals they sentenced during the past five years, judges based in the five judicial districts along the southwest border occupy the top 48 places. For example, in second place, sentencing 4,738 defendants was Judge Robert A. Junell, who served in the Western District of Texas. Three judges from the Southern District of Texas — Judge Micaela Alvarez (sentenced 4,687), Judge Randy Crane (sentenced 4,528), and Judge Ricardo H. Hinojosa (sentenced (4,172) — came in third, fourth and fifth. Like Judge Brack, all serve in jurisdictions along the southwest border where criminal prosecutions for illegal re-entry are common.

Table 1. Criminal Caseload for Individual Judges in District Court, Fiscal Year 2010-2014
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Judge   District   Sentenced  
Brack, Robert C. N Mexico 6708
Junell, Robert A. Texas, W 4738
Alvarez, Micaela Texas, S 4687
Crane, Randy Texas, S 4528
Hinojosa, Ricardo H. Texas, S 4172
Kazen, George P. Texas, S 3898
Cardone, Kathleen Texas, W 3451
Montalvo, Frank Texas, W 3442
Briones, David Texas, W 3397
Hanen, Andrew S. Texas, S 3362
Collins, Raner Christercunean Arizona 3338
Martinez, Philip Ray Texas, W 3327
Jorgenson, Cindy K. Arizona 3289
Bury, David C. Arizona 2841
Tagle, Hilda G. Texas, S 2733
Rainey, John David Texas, S 1997
Huff, Marilyn L. Cal, S 1960
Hayes, William Q. Cal, S 1941
Houston, John A. Cal, S 1902
Biery, Samuel Frederick, Jr. Texas, W 1839
Sabraw, Dana Makoto Cal, S 1831
Conway, John Edwards N Mexico 1778
Benitez, Roger T. Cal, S 1728
Burns, Larry Alan Cal, S 1722
Anello, Michael M. Cal, S 1695
Sammartino, Janis Lynn Cal, S 1665
Garcia, Orlando Luis Texas, W 1657
Head, Hayden Wilson, Jr. Texas, S 1600
Sparks, Sam Texas, W 1596
Moses, Alia M. Texas, W 1577
Yeakel, Earl Leroy, III Texas, W 1554
Snow, G. Murray Arizona 1515
Campbell, David G. Arizona 1505
Ramos, Nelva Gonzales Texas, S 1490
Bolton, Susan Ritchie Arizona 1487
Smith, Walter Scott, Jr. Texas, W 1472
Zipps, Jennifer Guerin Arizona 1456
Jack, Janis Graham Texas, S 1441
Wake, Neil Vincent Arizona 1436
Crone, Marcia A. Texas, E 1394
Rodriguez, Xavier Texas, W 1391
Lorenz, M. James Cal, S 1387
Moskowitz, Barry Ted Cal, S 1340
Gonzales, Kenneth John N Mexico 1283
Parker, James Aubrey N Mexico 1247
Johnson, William Paul N Mexico 1217
Saldana, Diana Texas, S 1191
Teilborg, James A. Arizona 1191
Reade, Linda R. Iowa, N 1111
Whelan, Thomas J. Cal, S 1104
Gonzalez, Irma Elsa Cal, S 1088
Arcara, Richard Joseph N. Y., W 1075
Silver, Roslyn O. Arizona 1052
Martone, Frederick J. Arizona 1047
Garcia Marmolejo, Marina Texas, S 1034
Miller, Jeffrey T. Cal, S 1023
Guaderrama, David C. Texas, W 995
Zapata, Frank R. Arizona 982
Fuste, Jose Antonio Puer Rico 971
Skretny, William M. N. Y., W 971
Greer, J. Ronnie Tenn, E 967
Ishii, Anthony W. Cal, E 962
O'Neill, Lawrence Joseph Cal, E 962
Cummings, Samuel Ray Texas, N 955
Dominguez, Daniel R. Puer Rico 954
Erickson, Ralph R. N Dakota 940
Smith Camp, Laurie Smith Nebraska 933
Besosa, Francisco Augusto Puer Rico 891
Schell, Richard A. Texas, E 886
Bataillon, Joseph F. Nebraska 872
Delgado-Colon, Aida M. Puer Rico 820
Garcia-Gregory, Jay A. Puer Rico 807
Gelpi, Gustavo Antonio, Jr. Puer Rico 799
Herrera, Judith C. N Mexico 796
Flanagan, Louise W. N Car, E 794
Browning, James O. N Mexico 775
Lodge, Edward J. Idaho 770
Breen, J. Daniel Tenn, W 763
Cerezo, Carmen Consuelo Puer Rico 756
Armijo, M. Christina N Mexico 755
Dever, James C., III N Car, E 751
Boyle, Terrence William N Car, E 749
Stewart, Brian Theadore Utah 739
Mattice, Harry Sandlin, Jr. Tenn, E 728
Lenard, Joan A. Fla, S 713
Perez-Gimenez, Juan Manuel Puer Rico 704
Benson, Dee Vance Utah 698
Bencivengo, Cathy Ann Cal, S 697
Varlan, Thomas A. Tenn, E 692
Waddoups, Clark Utah 688
Winmill, B. Lynn Idaho 686
Collier, Curtis Lynn Tenn, E 683
Thompson, Gordon, Jr. Cal, S 676
Bennett, Mark W. Iowa, N 670
Marra, Kenneth A. Fla, S 649
Lange, Roberto Antonio S Dakota 644
Middlebrooks, Donald M. Fla, S 641
Vazquez, Martha Alicia N Mexico 641
Cooke, Marcia G. Fla, S 637
Hovland, Daniel L. N Dakota 637
Means, Terry R. Texas, N 633
Ungaro, Ursula Mancusi Fla, S 631
Lee, Gerald Bruce Virg, E 627
Martinez, Jose E. Fla, S 625
Jones, James Parker Virg, W 622
McCalla, Jon Phipps Tenn, W 618
Schreier, Karen E. S Dakota 612
Reeves, Danny C. Texas, W 610
Steele, John E. Fla, M 598
Mays, Samuel H., Jr. Tenn, W 595
Moore, Kevin Michael Fla, S 595
Keeley, Irene Patricia Murphy W Virg, N 591
Dimitrouleas, William P. Fla, S 589
McBryde, John H. Texas, N 581
Harwell, Robert Bryan S Car 580
Black, Bruce D. N Mexico 569
Bell, Robert Holmes Mich, W 567
Graham, Donald L. Fla, S 567
Hendren, Jimm Larry Ark, W 563
Rosenblatt, Paul Gerhardt Arizona 561
Siragusa, Charles J. N. Y., W 561
Jonker, Robert James Mich, W 559
Altonaga, Cecilia M. Fla, S 558
Covington, Virginia Maria Hernandez Fla, M 558
Cohn, James I. Fla, S 557
Zloch, William J. Fla, S 555
Steele, William H. Ala, S 552
DuBose, Kristi K. Ala, S 549
Schneider, Michael H., Sr. Texas, E 549
Russell, Thomas B. Ken, W 543
Schroeder, Thomas D. N Car, M 542
Clark, Ron Texas, E 540
Kopf, Richard George Nebraska 538
Bailey, John Preston W Virg, N 534
Randa, Rudolph Thomas Wisc, E 532
Reidinger, Martin Karl N Car, W 531
Crabb, Barbara Brandriff Wisc, W 530
Jordan, Robert Leon Tenn, E 530
Conrad, Robert James, Jr. N Car, W 526
Kovachevich, Elizabeth Anne Fla, M 524
Anderson, Stanley Thomas Tenn, W 522
Roll, John McCarthy Arizona 519
Adelman, Lynn S. Wisc, E 518
Johnson, Alan Bond Wyoming 516
Royal, C. Ashley Ga, M 515
Kays, David Gregory Mo, W 514
Jarvey, John Alfred Iowa, S 510
Kimball, Dale A. Utah 505
Merryday, Steven Douglas Fla, M 502
Moody, James S., Jr. Fla, M 502
Whitney, Frank DeArmon N Car, W 502
Davis, Leonard E. Texas, E 500
Autrey, Henry Edward Mo, E 499
Granade, Callie V. Ala, S 491
Campbell, Tena Utah 487
Neff, Janet T. Mich, W 486
Gritzner, James E. Iowa, S 482
Larimer, David G. N. Y., W 482
Sippel, Rodney W. Mo, E 482
Fenner, Gary A. Mo, W 479
Quarles, William D., Jr. Maryland 479
Curiel, Gonzalo Paul Cal, S 472
Gilbert, John Phil Ill, S 472
Maloney, Paul Lewis Mich, W 471
Hurd, David N. N. Y., N 468
Perry, Catherine D. Mo, E 468
Thapar, Amul Roger Ken, E 466
Wooten, Terry L. S Car 466
Reagan, Michael Joseph Ill, S 464
Whittemore, James D. Fla, M 464
Murguia, Carlos Kansas 462
Vratil, Kathryn Hoefer Kansas 461
Corrigan, Timothy J. Fla, M 460
Anderson, Joseph Fletcher, Jr. S Car 457
Bucklew, Susan C. Fla, M 457
Osteen, William Lindsay, Jr. N Car, M 455
Spencer, James Randolph Virg, E 453
Van Tatenhove, Gregory Frederick Ken, E 452
Blake, Catherine C. Maryland 450
Whipple, Dean Mo, W 449
Viken, Jeffrey Lynn S Dakota 448
Miller, Robert Lowell, Jr. Ind, N 445
Moreno, Federico A. Fla, S 445
Herndon, David R. Ill, S 444
Fox, James Carroll N Car, E 443
Phillips, Thomas W. Tenn, E 443
Bunning, David L. Ken, E 442
Suddaby, Glenn T. N. Y., N 442
Belot, Monti L. Kansas 440
Howard, Marcia Morales Fla, M 439
Stadtmueller, Joseph Peter Wisc, E 437
Bennett, Richard D. Maryland 435
England, Morrison C., Jr. Cal, E 435
Limbaugh, Stephen Nathaniel, Jr. Mo, E 433
Hudson, Henry E. Virg, E 430
Haddon, Sam E. Montana 429
McAvoy, Thomas James N. Y., N 423
Sessions, William K., III Vermont 422
Hinkle, Robert Lewis Fla, N 421
Blackburn, Robert E. Colorado 417
Krieger, Marcia S. Colorado 417
Hamilton, Jean Constance Mo, E 416
King, James Lawrence Fla, S 415
Currie, Cameron McGowan S Car 414
Jackson, Carol E. Mo, E 414
Arguello, Christine M. Colorado 413
Eagles, Catherine Caldwell N Car, M 413
Robinson, Julie A. Kansas 412
Marten, John Thomas Kansas 411
Aiken, Ann L. Oregon 409
McKinley, Joseph H., Jr. Ken, W 409
Brimmer, Philip A. Colorado 408
Nugent, Donald C. Ohio, N 408
Burrell, Garland Ellis, Jr. Cal, E 407
Campbell, Todd J. Tenn, M 407
Melgren, Eric F. Kansas 407
Lazzara, Richard A. Fla, M 405
Edenfield, Berry Avant Ga, S 404
Ellison, Keith P. Texas, S 402
Gaitan, Fernando J., Jr. Mo, W 402
Clevert, Charles N., Jr. Wisc, E 401
Seitz, Patricia A. Fla, S 401
Hittner, David Texas, S 400
Lawrence, William T. Ind, S 399
Aycock, Sharion Miss, N 398
Mosman, Michael W. Oregon 398
Harmon, Melinda Texas, S 397
Hurley, Daniel T. K. Fla, S 396
Solis, Jorge Antonio Texas, N 396
Moore, William Theodore, Jr. Ga, S 394
Mordue, Norman A. N. Y., N 391
Heartfield, Thad Texas, E 389
Eagan, Claire V. Okla, N 388
O'Connor, Reed Charles Texas, N 388
Molloy, Donald W. Montana 387
Howard, Malcolm Jones N Car, E 386
Trauger, Aleta Arthur Tenn, M 385
Hilton, Claude M. Virg, E 384
Cebull, Richard F. Montana 382
Hughes, Lynn Nettleton Texas, S 382
Scola, Robert Nichols, Jr. Fla, S 382
Chambers, Robert Charles W Virg, S 381
Conway, Anne C. Fla, M 380
Lynn, Barbara M. Texas, N 379
Ryskamp, Kenneth L. Fla, S 378
Polster, Dan A. Ohio, N 375
Strom, Lyle Elmer Nebraska 375
Tilley, Norwood Carlton, Jr. N Car, M 375
Smith, William E. R. I. 373
Brown, Anna J. Oregon 372
McCuskey, Michael Patrick Ill, C 372
Anderson, George Ross, Jr. S Car 371
Voorhees, Richard Lesley N Car, W 371
Haynes, William Joseph, Jr. Tenn, M 368
Atlas, Nancy Friedman Texas, S 365
Freudenthal, Nancy Dell Wyoming 365
Jones, Robert Clive Nevada 365
Payne, Robert E. Virg, E 364
Mendez, John A. Cal, E 361
Woodcock, John A., Jr. Maine 361
Lisi, Mary M. R. I. 359
Beaty, James A., Jr. N Car, M 357
Settle, Benjamin Hale Wash, W 353
Shea, Edward F. Wash, E 353
Titus, Roger W. Maryland 353
Young, Richard L. Ind, S 353
Hall, James Randal Ga, S 351
Nielsen, William Fremming Wash, E 351
Frizzell, Gregory Kent Okla, N 350
Sachs, Howard Frederic Mo, W 350
Wright, Susan Webber Ark, E 350
Lioi, Sara Elizabeth Ohio, N 349
Daniel, Wiley Young Colorado 348
Trenga, Anthony John Virg, E 348
Fleissig, Audrey Goldstein Mo, E 347
Sands, W[illie] Louis Ga, M 347
Boyko, Christopher A. Ohio, N 346
Mahan, James C. Nevada 346
Reeves, Danny C. Ken, E 346
O'Grady, Liam Virg, E 345
White, Ronald A. Okla, E 345
Hoyt, Kenneth M. Texas, S 344
Reiss, Christina Clair Vermont 343
Brinkema, Leonie M. Virg, E 341
Davis, Mark Steven Virg, E 341
Miller, Brian Stacy Ark, E 341
Miller, Gray Hampton Texas, S 341
Caldwell, Karen K. Ken, E 340
Ludington, Thomas Lamson Mich, E 339
Lake, Simeon Timothy, III Texas, S 337
Suko, Lonny R. Wash, E 335
Brady, James J. La, M 333
Haggerty, Ancer Lee Oregon 332
Adams, John R. Ohio, N 331
Rodgers, Margaret Catharine Fla, N 331
Holmes, J[ames] Leon Ark, E 330
Rosenthal, Lee Hyman Texas, S 330
Fitzwater, Sidney Allen Texas, N 329
Panner, Owen Murphy Oregon 329
Moody, James Maxwell Ark, E 328
Seymour, Margaret B. S Car 328
Copenhaver, John Thomas, Jr. W Virg, S 327
Hood, Joseph Martin Ken, E 326
Watkins, William Keith Ala, M 326
Pratt, Robert W. Iowa, S 325
Wanger, Oliver Winston Cal, E 325
Murphy, G. Patrick Ill, S 324
Lasnik, Robert S. Wash, W 321
Presnell, Gregory A. Fla, M 321
Irizarry, Dora L. N. Y., E 320
Jones, Richard A. Wash, W 320
Story, Richard W. Ga, N 320
Antoon, John, II Fla, M 317
Gilmore, Vanessa D. Texas, S 317
Motz, J. Frederick Maryland 316
Dawson, Kent J. Nevada 315
Jackson, Raymond Alvin Virg, E 315
Springmann, Theresa Lazar Ind, N 315
Robinson, Mary Lou Texas, N 313
Scriven, Mary Stenson Fla, M 313
Griesbach, William C. Wisc, E 312
Wood, Lisa Godbey Ga, S 311
Barker, Sarah Evans Ind, S 310
Chasanow, Deborah K. Maryland 310
Friot, Stephen P. Okla, W 310
Fuller, Mark E. Ala, M 310
Floyd, Henry Franklin S Car 309
Marsh, Malcolm Francis Oregon 309
Johnston, Thomas E. W Virg, S 308
Jones, John E., III Penn, M 307
Pechman, Marsha J. Wash, W 306
Williams, Alexander, Jr. Maryland 302
Thrash, Thomas W., Jr. Ga, N 301
Godbey, David C. Texas, N 300
Cogburn, Max Oliver, Jr. N Car, W 299
Gaughan, Patricia Anne Ohio, N 298
King, Garr M. Oregon 298
Karlton, Lawrence K. Cal, E 297
Sharpe, Gary L. N. Y., N 297
McMahon, Colleen N. Y., S 296
Honeywell, Charlene Vanessa Edwards Fla, M 295
Leighton, Ronald B. Wash, W 295
Coughenour, John C. Wash, W 294
Duffy, Patrick Michael S Car 294
Evans, Orinda Dale Ga, N 294
Smith, Rebecca Beach Virg, E 294
Conner, Christopher C. Penn, M 293
Legg, Benson Everett Maryland 292
Townes, Sandra L. N. Y., E 292
Davis, Michael James Minnesota 291
Rose, Thomas M. Ohio, S 291
Phillips, Virginia A. Cal, C 290
Barrett, Michael Ryan Ohio, S 289
Moon, Norman K. Virg, W 289
Stamp, Frederick Pfarr, Jr. W Virg, N 289
Russell, David Lynn Okla, W 288
Pratt, Tanya Walton Ind, S 287
Watson, Michael H. Ohio, S 287
Williams, Kathleen Mary Fla, S 287
Thompson, Myron Herbert Ala, M 286
Sargus, Edmund A., Jr. Ohio, S 285
Goldsmith, Mark Allan Mich, E 284
Lozano, Rodolfo Ind, N 284
Robart, James L. Wash, W 284
Murguia, Mary Helen Arizona 283
Coogler, L. Scott Ala, N 282
Hornby, David Brock Maine 281
Garaufis, Nicholas G. N. Y., E 280
Jensen, Delwen Lowell Cal, N 280
Lawson, Hugh Ga, M 280
Hicks, Larry R. Nevada 279
Pannell, Charles A., Jr. Ga, N 279
Doumar, Robert George Virg, E 278
Batten, Timothy C., Sr. Ga, N 277
Kornmann, Charles B. S Dakota 277
Boyle, Jane J. Texas, N 276
DeGiusti, Timothy D. Okla, W 276
Heaton, Joe L. Okla, W 276
Jackson, Brian Anthony La, M 276
Lindsay, Sam A. Texas, N 276
Pro, Philip Martin Nevada 276
Jordan, Adalberto Jose Fla, S 275
Blackburn, Sharon Lovelace Ala, N 274
Kinkeade, James E. Texas, N 273
Lemelle, Ivan L. R. Texas, W 273
Van Sickle, Frederick L. Wash, E 273
Dorr, Richard Everett Mo, W 272
Smith, Ortrie D. Mo, W 272
Donald, Bernice Bouie Tenn, W 271
DeGuilio, Jon Ernest Ind, N 270
Duffey, William S., Jr. Ga, N 270
Seabright, J[ohn] Michael Hawaii 270
Mills, Michael P. Miss, N 269
Simpson, Charles Ralph, III Ken, W 269
Fischer, Dale S. Cal, C 267
Magnus-Stinson, Jane Elizabeth Ind, S 265
Navarro, Gloria Maria Nevada 265
Frost, Gregory L. Ohio, S 264
Wilson, Samuel Grayson Virg, W 264
Laughrey, Nanette Kay Mo, W 263
Norton, David C. S Car 263
Martinez, Ricardo S. Wash, W 262
Gwin, James S. Ohio, N 261
Haik, Richard T., Sr La, W 261
Herlong, Henry Michael, Jr. S Car 261
Burgess, Timothy Mark Alaska 259
Hopkins, Virginia Emerson Ala, N 259
Downes, William F. Wyoming 258
Carnes, Julie E. Ga, N 257
Schiller, Berle M. Penn, E 257
Barbadoro, Paul J. New Hamp 256
Caldwell, William W. Penn, M 256
Carter, David O. Cal, C 256
Edmunds, Nancy Garlock Mich, E 256
Gerrard, John Melvin Nebraska 256
Singal, George Z. Maine 256
Bowdre, Karon O. Ala, N 255
Britt, William Earl N Car, E 255
Jones, Robert Edward Oregon 255
Ozerden, Halil Suleyman Miss, S 254
Burns, Ellen Bree Conn 253
Johnson, Inge Prytz Ala, N 253
Beistline, Ralph R. Alaska 251
Selna, James V. Cal, C 251
Childs, Julianna Michelle S Car 250
Simon, Philip P. Ind, N 249
Conti, Joy Flowers Penn, W 248
Kane, Yvette Penn, M 248
Miles-LaGrange, Vicki Okla, W 248
Webber, E. Richard Mo, E 248
Cauthron, Robin J. Okla, W 247
Werlein, Ewing, Jr. Texas, S 247
Smith, Charles Lynwood, Jr. Ala, N 246
Johnson, Sterling, Jr. N. Y., E 245
Mollway, Susan Oki Hawaii 245
Hall, Janet C. Conn 244
Mihm, Michael Martin Ill, C 244
Murtha, John Garvan Vermont 244
Cacheris, James Chris Virg, E 243
Conley, William Martin Wisc, W 243
Hamilton, Phyllis Jean Cal, N 243
Weinstein, Jack Bertrand N. Y., E 242
Holmes, Paul Kinloch, III Ark, W 241
Marbley, Algenon L. Ohio, S 241
Scullin, Frederick James, Jr. N. Y., N 241
Tydingco-Gatewood, Frances M. Guam 241
Dawson, Robert Toombs Ark, W 240
Marten, John Thomas N Mexico 240
Reagan, Michael Joseph N Mexico 240
Wilken, Claudia Ann Cal, N 240
McAuliffe, Steven J. New Hamp 239
Shadid, James Edward Ill, C 239
Blatt, Solomon, Jr. S Car 238
Kyle, Richard House Minnesota 238
Proctor, R. David Ala, N 238
Baylson, Michael M. Penn, E 237
Moody, James Tyne Ind, N 237
Wu, George H. Cal, C 237
Graham, James L. Ohio, S 235
McVerry, Terrence F. Penn, W 234
Rosen, Gerald Ellis Mich, E 234
Hunt, Roger L. Nevada 233
Smoak, John Richard, Jr. Fla, N 233
Berger, Irene Cornelia W Virg, S 232
Garcia, Edward J. Cal, E 232
Sharp, George Kendall Fla, M 232
Bredar, James Kelleher Maryland 231
Cercone, David S. Penn, W 231
Conrad, Glen Edward Virg, W 231
Cox, Sean Francis Mich, E 231
Rambo, Sylvia H. Penn, M 231
Daniels, George B. N. Y., S 229
Hansen, Curtis LeRoy N Mexico 229
Huck, Paul C. Fla, S 229
Kallon, Abdul Karim Ala, N 229
Kapala, Frederick J. Ill, N 229
Otero, S. James Cal, C 227
White, Jeffrey Steven Cal, N 227
Laplante, Joseph Normand New Hamp 226
Mueller, Kimberly Jo Cal, E 225
Seibel, Cathy N. Y., S 225
Block, Frederic N. Y., E 224
George, Lloyd D. Nevada 224
Hicks, S. Maurice, Jr. La, W 223
Stengel, Lawrence F. Penn, E 223
Cote, Denise L. N. Y., S 222
Christensen, Dana Lewis Montana 221
Hogan, Michael Robert Oregon 221
Ross, Allyne R. N. Y., E 221
Shubb, William B. Cal, E 221
Barnes, Harry F. Ark, W 219
Dlott, Susan J. Ohio, S 219
Hayden, Katharine Sweeney N. J. 219
Patterson, Robert Porter, Jr. N. Y., S 219
Forester, Karl Spillman Texas, W 218
Frank, Donovan W. Minnesota 218
Gold, Alan Stephen Fla, S 218
Cohill, Maurice Blanchard, Jr. Penn, W 217
Cohn, Avern Levin Mich, E 216
Diamond, Gustave Penn, W 216
Kosik, Edwin Michael Penn, M 216
Wells, Lesley Brooks Ohio, N 216
Carney, Cormac J. Cal, C 215
Ericksen, Joan N. Minnesota 215
Wilson, Stephen Victor Cal, C 215
Zouhary, Jack Ohio, N 215
Carr, James G. Ohio, N 214
Guilford, Andrew J. Cal, C 214
Korman, Edward Robert N. Y., E 214
Tarnow, Arthur J. Mich, E 214
Armstrong, Saundra Brown Cal, N 213
Chesler, Stanley R. N. J. 213
Gibson, Kim R. Penn, W 213
Klausner, Robert G. Cal, C 213
Smith, George Curtis Ohio, S 213
Bryan, Robert Jensen Wash, W 212
Cogan, Brian Mark N. Y., E 212
Longstaff, Ronald Earl Iowa, S 212
McDade, Joe Billy Ill, C 212
Castel, P. Kevin N. Y., S 211
Barksdale, Patricia D. Mo, E 210
Marrero, Victor N. Y., S 210
McLaughlin, Mary A. Penn, E 210
Morrow, Margaret M. Cal, C 210
Amon, Carol Bagley N. Y., E 209
Forester, Karl Spillman Ken, E 209
Roberts, Victoria A. Mich, E 209
Alsup, William Haskell Cal, N 208
Lungstrum, John Watson Kansas 208
Land, Clay D. Ga, M 207
Leinenweber, Harry Daniel Ill, N 207
Marshall, Denzil Price, Jr. Ark, E 207
Messitte, Peter Jo Maryland 207
Minaldi, Patricia Head La, W 205
Pauley, William H., III N. Y., S 205
Borman, Paul D. Mich, E 204
Dalton, Roy Bale, Jr. Fla, M 204
Hernandez, Marco Antonio Oregon 204
King, George H. Cal, C 203
Heyburn, John Gilpin, II Ken, W 202
Kennelly, Matthew F. Ill, N 202
Payne, James H. Okla, N 202
Van Bokkelen, Joseph S. Ind, N 202
Linares, Jose L. N. J. 201
Rice, Walter Herbert Ohio, S 201
Battani, Marianne O. Mich, E 200
Gleeson, John N. Y., E 200
Karas, Kenneth M. N. Y., S 200
McLaughlin, Sean J. Penn, W 200
O'Brien, Donald Eugene Iowa, N 200
Dalzell, Stewart R. Penn, E 199
Tucker, Petrese B. Penn, E 199
Adams, Henry Lee, Jr. Fla, M 198
Folsom, David Texas, E 198
Fowlkes, John Thomas, Jr. Tenn, W 198
Wigenton, Susan Davis N. J. 198
Starrett, Keith Miss, S 197
Buchwald, Naomi Reice N. Y., S 196
Martini, William J. N. J. 196
Peterson, Rosanna Malouf Wash, E 196
Pratter, Gene E.K. Penn, E 196
Pregerson, Dean D. Cal, C 196
Robreno, Eduardo C. Penn, E 196
Davis, Legrome D. Penn, E 195
Snyder, Christina A. Cal, C 195
Zagel, James Block Ill, N 195
Foote, Elizabeth Erny La, W 194
Matsumoto, Kiyo A. N. Y., E 194
Underhill, Stefan R. Conn 194
Diamond, Paul Steven Penn, E 193
Fischer, Nora Barry Penn, W 193
Friedman, Bernard A. Mich, E 193
Lawson, David M. Mich, E 193
Bryant, Vanessa Lynne Conn 192
O'Toole, George A., Jr. Mass 192
Schiltz, Patrick Joseph Minnesota 192
Walls, William H. N. J. 192
Breyer, Charles R. Cal, N 191
Caputo, A. Richard Penn, M 191
Kane, John L., Jr. Colorado 191
St. Eve, Amy J. Ill, N 191
Chatigny, Robert N. Conn 190
Thompson, Alvin W. Conn 190
Guirola, Louis, Jr. Miss, S 189
Real, Manuel Lawrence Cal, C 189
Arterton, Janet Bond Conn 188
Hood, Denise Page Mich, E 188
Montgomery, Ann D. Minnesota 188
O'Meara, John Corbett Mich, E 188
Schwab, Arthur J. Penn, W 188
Stagg, Thomas E., Jr. Texas, W 188
Tunheim, John R. Minnesota 188
Wright, Otis D., II Cal, C 187
Allen, Arenda Lauretta Wright Virg, E 185
Fogel, Jeremy D. Cal, N 185
Kobayashi, Leslie Emi Hawaii 185
Treadwell, Marc Thomas Ga, M 185
Africk, Lance M. La, E 184
Gorton, Nathaniel M. Mass 184
Savage, Timothy J. Penn, E 184
Scheindlin, Shira A. N. Y., S 184
Stein, Sidney H. N. Y., S 184
Collier, Lacey A. Fla, N 183
McKibben, Howard D. Nevada 183
Pearson, Benita Yalonda Ohio, N 183
Cavanaugh, Dennis M. N. J. 182
Doty, David Singleton Minnesota 182
Morgan, Henry Coke, Jr. Virg, E 182
Thapar, Amul Roger Texas, W 182
Urbanski, Michael Francis Virg, W 182
Gex, Walter J., III Miss, S 181
Stiehl, William Donald Ill, S 181
Sullivan, Richard Joseph N. Y., S 181
Bowen, Dudley Hollingsworth, Jr. Ga, S 180
Hollander, Ellen Lipton Maryland 180
Sanchez, Juan Ramon Penn, E 180
Wolfson, Freda L. N. J. 180
Ezra, David Alan Hawaii 179
Ezra, David Alan Texas, W 179
Ambrose, Donetta W. Penn, W 178
Gardner, James Knoll Penn, E 178
Martinez, William Joseph Colorado 178
Rufe, Cynthia M. Penn, E 178
Ware, James Cal, N 178
Glasser, Israel Leo N. Y., E 177
Rogers, Richard Dean Kansas 177
Swain, Laura Taylor N. Y., S 177
Damrell, Frank C., Jr. Cal, E 176
Sam, David Utah 176
Kiser, Jackson L. Virg, W 175
Tauro, Joseph Louis Mass 175
Drell, Dee D. La, W 174
Piersol, Lawrence L. S Dakota 174
Feuerstein, Sandra J. N. Y., E 173
Gutierrez, Philip S. Cal, C 173
Coffman, Jennifer B. Ken, E 172
Crotty, Paul Austin N. Y., S 172
Norgle, Charles Ronald, Sr. Ill, N 172
Simon, Michael Howard Oregon 172
Illston, Susan Yvonne Cal, N 171
Oliver, Solomon, Jr. Ohio, N 171
Vitaliano, Eric Nicholas N. Y., E 171
Feess, Gary Allen Cal, C 170
Jones, Barbara S. N. Y., S 170
Stearns, Richard Gaylore Mass 170
Wingate, Henry Travillion Miss, S 170
Cleland, Robert Hardy Mich, E 169
Dowd, David Dudley, Jr. Ohio, N 169
Kaplan, Lewis A. N. Y., S 168
Wimes, Brian Curtis Mo, W 168
Seybert, Joanna N. Y., E 167
Batts, Deborah A. N. Y., S 166
Gergel, Richard Mark S Car 166
Hickey, Susan Owens Ark, W 166
Black, Timothy Seymour Ohio, S 165
Hochberg, Faith S. N. J. 165
Melton, Howell Webster, Sr. Fla, M 165
Sheridan, Peter G. N. J. 164
Surrick, R[ichard] Barclay Penn, E 164
Anderson, Percy Cal, C 163
Gardephe, Paul G. N. Y., S 163
Berman, Richard M. N. Y., S 162
Dearie, Raymond Joseph N. Y., E 162
Pisano, Joel A. N. J. 162
Ponsor, Michael Adrian Mass 162
Saylor, F. Dennis, IV Mass 162
Thompson, Anne Elise N. J. 162
Bramlette, David C., III Miss, S 161
Goldberg, Mitchell S. Penn, E 161
Guzman, Ronald A. Ill, N 161
Robinson, Sue Lewis Delaware 161
Shelby, Robert James Utah 161
Beckwith, Sandra Shank Ohio, S 160
Pallmeyer, Rebecca R. Ill, N 160
Wilson, Billy Roy Ark, E 160
Der-Yeghiayan, Samuel Ill, N 159
Gibney, John Adrian, Jr. Virg, E 159
Jordan, Daniel Porter, III Miss, S 159
Slomsky, Joel Harvey Penn, E 158
Turk, James Clinton Virg, W 158
Wood, Kimba Maureen N. Y., S 158
Berrigan, Helen Ginger La, E 157
Gillmor, Helen W. Hawaii 157
Duval, Stanwood R., Jr. La, E 156
Fairbank, Valerie Baker Cal, C 156
Fallon, Eldon E. La, E 156
Woodlock, Douglas Preston Mass 156
Gomez, Curtis V. Virgin Is 155
Groh, Gina Marie W Virg, N 155
Joyner, J. Curtis Penn, E 154
McKinney, Larry J. Ind, S 154
Sleet, Gregory Moneta Delaware 154
Sullivan, Emmet G. D. C. 154
Wexler, Leonard D. N. Y., E 154
Kendall, Virginia Mary Ill, N 153
Lefkow, Joan Humphrey Ill, N 153
Hellerstein, Alvin K. N. Y., S 152
Wolf, Mark Lawrence Mass 152
Saris, Patti B. Mass 151
Economus, Peter C. Ohio, S 150
Feldman, Martin Leach-Cross La, E 150
Mickle, Stephan P. Fla, N 150
Whaley, Robert H. Wash, E 150
Jackson, Richard Brooke Colorado 149
Murphy, Stephen Joseph, III Mich, E 149
Payne, James H. Okla, E 149
DuBois, Jan Ely Penn, E 148
Kahn, Lawrence E. N. Y., N 148
Shanstrom, Jack D. Montana 148
Barbier, Carl J. La, E 147
Young, William G. Mass 147
Koh, Lucy Haeran Cal, N 145
Seeborg, Richard G. Cal, N 145
Steeh, George Caram, III Mich, E 145
Cain, Timothy Martin S Car 144
Engelhardt, Kurt D. La, E 144
Koeltl, John George N. Y., S 144
Gettleman, Robert William Ill, N 143
Lee, Tom Stewart Miss, S 143
Munley, James Martin Penn, M 143
Bloch, Alan Neil Penn, W 142
Kugler, Robert B. N. J. 142
Myerscough, Sue Ellen Ill, C 142
Zainey, Jay C. La, E 142
Zilly, Thomas Samuel Wash, W 142
Castillo, Ruben Ill, N 141
Keenan, John Fontaine N. Y., S 141
Spatt, Arthur Donald N. Y., E 141
Zobel, Rya Weickert Mass 141
Jones, C. Darnell, II Penn, E 140
Weber, Herman Jacob Ohio, S 140
Babcock, Lewis Thornton Colorado 139
Brimmer, Clarence Addison, Jr. Wyoming 138
Edgar, Robert Allan Mich, W 138
Walter, John F. Cal, C 138
Hillman, Noel Lawrence N. J. 137
Nixon, John Trice Tenn, M 137
O'Kelley, William Clark Ga, N 137
Walton, Reggie B. D. C. 137
Duggan, Patrick J. Mich, E 136
Simandle, Jerome B. N. J. 136
Gottschall, Joan B. Ill, N 135
Mills, Richard Henry Ill, C 135
Rose, Stephanie Marie Iowa, S 135
Bianco, Joseph Frank N. Y., E 134
Cook, Julian Abele, Jr. Mich, E 134
Darrah, John W. Ill, N 134
Gee, Dolly Maizie Cal, C 134
Hodges, William Terrell Fla, M 134
Jones, Steve CarMichael Ga, N 134
Shaw, Charles Alexander Mo, E 134
McConnell, John James, Jr. R. I. 133
Hancock, James Hughes Ala, N 132
Lemelle, Ivan L. R. La, E 132
Quackenbush, Justin Lowe Wash, E 132
Reed, Edward Cornelius, Jr. Nevada 132
Bumb, Renee Marie N. J. 131
Dow, Robert Michael, Jr. Ill, N 131
Bucklo, Elaine E. Ill, N 129
Griesa, Thomas Poole N. Y., S 129
McNamee, Stephen M. Arizona 129
Pepper, W. Allen, Jr. Miss, N 129
Murphy, Harold Lloyd Ga, N 128
Phillips, Mary Elizabeth Mo, W 128
Hurley, Denis Reagan N. Y., E 127
Bartle, Harvey, III Penn, E 126
Collyer, Rosemary M. D. C. 126
Vining, Robert L., Jr. Ga, N 126
Irenas, Joseph Eron N. J. 125
Lemmon, Mary Ann Vial La, E 125
Gertner, Nancy Mass 124
James, Robert Gillespie La, W 124
Manning, Blanche M. Ill, N 124
Huvelle, Ellen Segal D. C. 123
Mauskopf, Roslynn Renee N. Y., E 123
Rakoff, Jed Saul N. Y., S 123
Shadur, Milton Irving Ill, N 123
Matz, A. Howard Cal, C 122
Totenberg, Amy Mil Ga, N 122
Diclerico, Joseph A., Jr. New Hamp 121
Brody, Anita Blumstein Penn, E 119
Nowlin, James Robertson Texas, W 119
Vance, Sarah S. La, E 119
Conaboy, Richard Paul Penn, M 118
Friedman, Jerome B. Virg, E 118
Rodriguez, Joseph H. N. J. 118
Lancaster, Gary L. Penn, W 117
Cooper, Mary Little N. J. 116
Kollar-Kotelly, Colleen D. C. 115
Butler, Charles Randolph, Jr. Ala, S 114
Bates, John D. D. C. 112
Brown, Wesley Ernest Kansas 112
Eginton, Warren William Conn 112
Holwell, Richard J. N. Y., S 112
Forrester, J. Owen Ga, N 111
Sharp, Kevin Hunter Tenn, M 111
Tyson, Ralph E. La, M 111
Vinson, Clyde Roger Fla, N 111
Whyte, Ronald M. Cal, N 111
Holland, H[ezekiah] Russel Alaska 110
Nickerson, William M. Maryland 110
Lamberth, Royce C. D. C. 109
Preska, Loretta A. N. Y., S 109
Chesney, Maxine M. Cal, N 108
Padova, John R. Penn, E 108
Stagg, Thomas E., Jr. La, W 107
Stark, Leonard Philip Delaware 107
Nelson, Susan Richard Minnesota 105
Roberts, Richard W. D. C. 104
Sweet, Robert Workman N. Y., S 104
Reeves, Carlton Wayne Miss, S 103
Wright, Scott Olin Mo, W 103
Davila, Edward John Cal, N 101
Magnuson, Paul Arthur Minnesota 101
Albritton, William Harold, III Ala, M 100
Tucker, Josephine Staton Cal, C 100
Soto, James Alan Arizona 99
Leon, Richard J. D. C. 98
Schlesinger, Harvey Erwin Fla, M 98
Faber, David A. W Virg, S 97
Walter, Donald Ellsworth La, W 97
Friedman, Paul L. D. C. 96
Brown, Garrett E., Jr. N. J. 94
Gershon, Nina N. Y., E 94
Reinhard, Philip Godfrey Ill, N 94
Rosenbaum, Robin S. Fla, S 94
Walker, Mark Eaton Fla, N 94
Kravitz, Mark R. Conn 93
Redden, James Anthony Oregon 92
Droney, Christopher Fitzgerald Conn 90
Gleason, Sharon Louise Alaska 90
Coffman, Jennifer B. Ken, W 89
Crow, Sam A. Kansas 89
Andrews, Richard Gibson Delaware 88
Du, Miranda Mai Nevada 88
Dawson, Robert Toombs Texas, W 86
Doherty, Rebecca F. La, W 86
Williams, Richard Leroy Virg, E 86
Cecchi, Claire Claudia N. J. 85
Hunt, Willis B., Jr. Ga, N 85
Marquez, Rosemary Arizona 85
Polozola, Frank Joseph La, M 85
Debevoise, Dickinson Richards N. J. 84
Salas, Esther N. J. 83
Darrow, Sara Lynn Ill, C 82
Torresen, Nancy Maine 82
Carroll, Earl Hamblin Arizona 80
Freudenthal, Nancy Dell N Mexico 80
Gilstrap, James Rodney Texas, E 80
Lewis, Mary Geiger S Car 80
Quist, Gordon Jay Mich, W 80
Rogers, Yvonne Gonzalez Cal, N 80
Zatkoff, Lawrence Paul Mich, E 79
Conmy, Patrick Anthony N Dakota 77
Kennedy, Henry Harold, Jr. D. C. 77
Kocoras, Charles Petros Ill, N 77
Garbis, Marvin J. Maryland 76
Gordon, Andrew Patrick Nevada 76
Barbour, William Henry, Jr. Miss, S 75
Russell, George Levi, III Maryland 75
Briccetti, Vincent Louis N. Y., S 74
Covello, Alfred V. Conn 74
D'Agostino, Mae Avila N. Y., N 74
Baker, Kristine Gerhard Ark, E 73
Engelmayer, Paul Adam N. Y., S 73
Lew, Ronald S. W. Arizona 73
Motz, J. Frederick N Mexico 73
Patel, Marilyn Hall Cal, N 73
Scott, Jeanne E. Ill, C 73
Spiegel, S. Arthur Ohio, S 72
Stohr, Donald J. Mo, E 72
Dowdell, John Edward Okla, N 71
Shapiro, Norma Levy Penn, E 71
Houck, C[harles] Weston S Car 70
Sedwick, John W. Alaska 70
Biggers, Neal Brooks, Jr. Miss, N 69
Eisele, Garnett Thomas Ark, E 69
Feinerman, Gary Scott Ill, N 69
Rice, Thomas Owen Wash, E 69
Grady, John Francis Ill, N 68
Head, Hayden Wilson, Jr. Texas, W 68
Helmick, Jeffrey James Ohio, N 68
Hibbler, William J. Ill, N 68
Perry, Matthew James, Jr. S Car 68
Katz, David A. Ohio, N 66
Lindberg, George Wakem Ill, N 66
Casper, Denise Jefferson Mass 65
Forrest, Katherine Bolan N. Y., S 65
Baer, Harold, Jr. N. Y., S 64
Chen, Edward Milton Cal, N 64
Dorsey, Peter Collins Conn 64
Bissoon, Cathy Penn, W 63
Chappell, Sheri Polster Fla, M 63
Morris, Brian Matthew Montana 63
Davidson, Glen H. Miss, N 62
Lee, William Charles Ind, N 62
Nguyen, Jacqueline Hong-Ngoc Cal, C 62
Kelly, Robert F. Penn, E 60
Bennett, Mark W. Arizona 59
Boasberg, James Emanuel D. C. 59
Coar, David H. Ill, N 59
Costa, Gregg Jeffrey Texas, S 59
McDade, Joe Billy N Mexico 59
O'Malley, Kathleen McDonald Ohio, N 59
Hudspeth, Harry Lee Texas, W 58
Kronstadt, John Arnold Cal, C 58
Andersen, Wayne R. Ill, N 57
Dorsey, Jennifer Anna Nevada 57
Coleman, Sharon Johnson Ill, N 55
Howell, Beryl Alaine D. C. 55
Lovell, Charles C. Montana 55
Yohn, William Hendricks, Jr. Penn, E 55
Jackson, Amy Berman D. C. 54
Carr, James G. Arizona 53
Economus, Peter C. Ohio, N 53
Geraci, Frank Paul, Jr. N. Y., W 52
Brooks, Timothy Lloyd Ark, W 51
Watters, Susan Pamela Montana 51
Castagna, William John Fla, M 50

When you look across the rest of the federal districts in the nation, such high numbers of defendants sentenced by these judges are uncommon. Typically judges sentenced several hundred, not several thousand defendants over this five year time span.

To determine the judge-by-judge variations in the number of their sentences TRAC began by examining the records of all of the cases in the United States that reached this final stage during the five years from fiscal year 2010 to 2014. Also examined was case-by-case information obtained from the Justice Department's Executive Office for U.S. Attorneys under the Freedom of Information Act.

A critical factor that partly explains Judge Brack's ranking is that he has served in a judicial district court that for many years has been in the top five when it comes to the criminal enforcement of the immigration laws by the Border Patrol and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents. But the district courts in Arizona and in the Southern District of Texas have each sentenced five times the number of defendants during this same period than has the New Mexico district court.

The records of New Mexico's federal court show there are other causes that have contributed to Judge Brack's ranking position in sentencing counts. Once criminal cases reach a given federal district court, the administrators there are responsible assigning them to the judges in a fair and even-handed way. But partly because of vast size of New Mexico, and partly due to the varying number of cases sent to the courts in different part of the state by the federal enforcement agencies depending on their location, the equalization of the caseloads is a serious challenge. Thus the huge number of immigration cases coming to Judge Brack's court, located in Las Cruces, may not be surprising.

Judges with the Largest Number of Convictions for Other Case Types

For various reasons Judge Brack stands out when it comes to immigration conviction counts. But when the sentencing records of individual judges are examined by different broad categories of the cases that are dealt with by the courts — weapons, drugs, white collar crime — a more complex geographic picture emerges because of the natural variety of federal crimes in different regions.

Table 2 highlights the judge or judges who have sentenced the most individuals in different types of offense categories. For drug matters alone, the judge with the largest number of sentences — 2,304 of them — is Robert A. Junell of the Western District of Texas, with his court in Midland.

Looking at weapons cases in the last five year there was a tie in the Eastern District of North Carolina, with Judge Terrance W. Boyle and Judge Louise Flanagan both being credited with 224 individuals sentenced. (The major city in the eastern district is Raleigh.)

The judge sentencing the largest number of white-collar offenders (356) was Judge Juan M. Perez-Gimenez in Puerto Rico. Judge Walter S. Smith, Jr. in the Western District of Texas sentenced the highest number (95) of government regulatory offenders. While Judge Sandra L. Townes who serves in the Eastern District of New York sentenced the largest number (64) involved in organized crime.

Judge Roberto A. Lange in South Dakota made the list for sentencing the most in "other" crime categories, handling a large number of assault cases by or against native Americans.

Table 2. Caseload by Type of Crime
Which Federal Judge Has Sentenced the Largest Number of Defendants?
Case Type Judge with Most Cases District Individuals Sentenced
Civil Rights Berry A. Edenfield Georgia South 18
Environment Jose E. Martinez Florida South 21
Government Regulatory Walter S. Smith Jr. Texas West 95
Immigration Robert C. Brack New Mexico 5,920
Narcotics/Drugs Robert A. Junell Texas West 2,304
Security/Terrorism Susan R. Bolton Arizona 16
Official Corruption Sara E. Liori Ohio North 37
Organized Crime Sandra L. Townes New York East 64
Weapons Terrence W. Boyle N. Carolina East 224
Weapons Louise Flanagan N. Carolina East 224
White Collar Juan M. Perez-Gimenez Puerto Rico 356
Other Roberto A. Lange S. Dakota 500

In addition to the criminal tool on which the numbers in this TRAC Report are based, the Judge Information Center includes tools that allow users to examine the caseloads of the district court judges on civil matters, as well as asylum denial rates for administrative Immigration Court judges.

TRAC is a nonpartisan, nonprofit research center at the Whitman School of Management and Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University.