Number of Millionaire Audits*

Fiscal Year Returns Filed** Face-to-Face
Correspondence (campus) Total
Original Revised Original Revised Original Revised
2004 190,372 5,857 5,857 3,719 3,719 9,576 9,576
2005 210,280 7,166 7,166 5,669 5,669 12,835 12,835
2006 270,161 9,312 9,459 7,703 4,728 17,015 14,187
2007 339,138 12,259 12,259 19,123 10,941 31,382 23,200
2008 392,776 12,233

* Millionaires were defined by IRS based upon total positive income reported, or in the case of the revised 2008 figure, total adjusted gross income. Generally a person's adjusted gross income will be the same or lower than his or her total positive income since AGI includes applicable adjustments that reduce the income. Accordingly, some individuals classified as millionaires under the TPI standard would fall in a lower AGI income. IRS reports that the audit rate for millionaires based upon AGI brackets is higher than those for taxpayers with lesser AGIs.

** Based upon prior calendar year filings with TPI of $1,000,000 or more.

*** Only audit rate reported by IRS; published figures did not give the number of audits or returns filed on which rate was based.


Original figures: FY 2004 - FY2006 figures are from a January 2008 IRS press release; no other information on their basis has been released. FY 2007 figures are from the January 2008 IRS press release, and were later published in March 2008 in Table 9 of that year's IRS Data Book covering FY 2007. FY 2008 figures are from Table 9a of the IRS's FY 2008 Data Book published in March 2009.

Corrected figures: IRS has not released corrected figures for FY 2004 - FY 2005, but an IRS spokesperson confirmed Friday March 13, 2009 that he did not know of any errors in the original numbers. The source for corrected FY 2006 and FY 2007 figures is a set of tables the IRS posted on its website at the end of December 2008 (confirmed to TRAC on Friday March 13, 2009 as accurate by an IRS representative). Table 9b of the IRS's FY 2008 Data Book is the source for the corrected FY 2008 audit rate.

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