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Defendants Disposed of by Magistrate and District Court

  Data Source
US Courts* Dept of Justice**
Magistrate Court 26,581 16,723
District Court 15,762 16,465
Total 42,343 33,188
Percent 63% 50%

* Administrative Office of U.S. Court figures are based upon its published counts [see Tables D-9 and M2 at] for defendants charged with offenses under the "immigration laws." Magistrate figures include only petty offenses and exclude Class A misdemeanors as immigration offenses did not comprise a large enough category to be broken out separately. Thus, the AOUSC magistrate figures may represent an slight undercount of the actual volume of immigration defendants handled.
** Department of Justice (Executive Office for United States Attorney) figures are based upon internal files obtained by TRAC after court litigation under the Freedom of Information Act. Historically, reporting systems for magistrate cases have not been as well maintained, and reporting of petty offenses in particular appear less reliable and complete than court recording systems. This is reflected in the lower reported counts above. Counts here reflect prosecutions completed resulting from DHS-Immigration referrals for criminal prosecution.

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