Agency Referrals Declined by U.S. Attorneys as
Legally Insufficient Versus Criminal Convictions,
1992- 1996

Referrals for Federal Prosecution
Declined as Legally Insufficient**
Criminal Conviction Results
Federal Bureau of Investigation67,71057,871
all other agencies 70,475188,378
Justice: Drug Enforcement Administration7,44745,184
Justice: Immigration and Naturalization Service1,70029,884
Treasury: Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms6,34720,340
Treasury: Customs Service3,90017,757
Treasury: Internal Revenue Service5,4849,356

* Joint task forces with state and local law enforcement agencies are included in the "all other" category. All other agency category includes all other sources for referrals for federal criminal prosecution to U.S. Attorney offices, not just the five specific agencies seperatley shown.

** U.S. Attorney offices decline to prosecute citing: weak evidence, lack of criminal intent, no federal offense evident, minimal federal interest, and no known suspect.
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Copyright 1997