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May 3, 2012

The pitfalls of pleading to a misdemeanor
By Jerri Lynn Ward, J.D.

In his informative book, “Three Felonies a Day; How The Feds Target the Innocent,” attorney and civil libertarian Harvey Silverglate shines a light on the federal criminal system, often focusing on prosecutions of physicians and other health providers. His thesis is that the laws and regulations have become so numerous, vague and impossible to understand that in the hands of ambitious prosecutors, every businessman unknowingly commits at least three felonies a day. Silverglate’s book is most applicable to the predicament in which physicians and other health providers find themselves today. During the twelve months of fiscal year 2011, the government reported 1,235 new health care fraud prosecutions – the largest number reported in twenty years. This number is up 68.9 percent over fiscal year 2010, and up 134 percent from five years ago....[citing TRAC research].

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