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Law Journal for Social Justice Volume 2
October 2011

Testing the Boundaries of Humanitarian Relief from Removal: A Case Study of Claims by Mexican Law Enforcement Officers Targeted by Narcotraffickers
By Kathryn A. Lohmeyer

Mexico does not even make the top 10 list of countries whose citizens are granted asylum. China, Ethiopia and Haiti hold the top three spots. One explanation could be the grit of Mexicans in border towns who, though forced to live their lives differently than they did just a few years ago, remain determined to ride out the current crime wave. Others believe, however, that applications have dropped because the U.S. laws governing refugee and asylum designations are too stringent. Despite the fact that applications for asylum by Mexican nationals are granted at a rate of less than 2% each year, by late 2010, it became clear that the numbers, in fact, continued to climb......[citing TRAC research].

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