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September 25, 2023

Contexts of Contestation: How Competing Logics of the State Enable and Constrain Immigrant Civic and Political Participation
By Austin Hoang-Nam Vor

For exclusive policy implementation, immigrants removed under S-Comm and PEP had finger- prints submitted to the FBI by law enforcement and the two enforcement programs used identical fingerprint matching procedures (TRAC Immigration 2019). I follow Pedroza (2019) in measuring deportations from S-Comm and PEP as the rate of removals per 1000 immigrants is measured in a county. To parse out whether PEP accomplished its intention to shift enforcement priorities away from low-level crimes—misdemeanors—as classified by ICE, I measure the percent change of individuals in a state’s detention facilities for misdemeanors from March 2015 to October 2016 (TRAC Immigration 2016, 2019). Indeed, table 2 shows that states, on average, did de-prioritize the detention of low-level crime offenders (TRAC Immigration 2016). However, Louisiana, Indiana, and Oregon saw increased detention of misdemeanors, demonstrating that states implemented PEP with varying levels of discretion.....[Citing TRAC research and reports].

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