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November 10, 2023

TRAC Offers Explanation on Differing Asylum Approval Ratings TRAC Offers Explanation on Differing Asylum Approval Ratings
By David North

We recently discussed the widely differing asylum denial rates of immigration judges, from near zero in the case of some judges to near 100 percent for others. Now the source of this information, Syracuse Universityís TRAC Project, has produced more data on the subject. The new TRAC study examines the denial/approval rates of a group of nearly 100 fairly new immigration judges, a group not included in TRACís earlier study of a larger group of judges. Judges get included by name in these sets, once they have issued 100 or more asylum decisions. In this study, the judge-by-judge approval ratios appear to have almost as much variation as the earlier study. In this one we find a denial rate of 94.8 percent for Judge Erica Hughes in Houston compared to a low of 1.2 percent associated with Judge Chloe Dillon in San Francisco. These are the judges at the extremes in the new study.

Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse, Syracuse University
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