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Chief Justice Earl Warren Institute on Law and Social Policy Research Report
October 2011

Secure Communities by the Numbers: An Analysis of Demographics and Due Process
By Aarti Kohli, Peter L. Markowitz and Lisa Chavez

The United States will deport a record number of individuals this year, due in large part to rapidly expanding federal immigration programs that rely on local law enforcement. The numbers are sobering: annual deportations have increased over 400% since 1996 and more than a million people have been removed from this country since the beginning of the Obama administration. Almost 300,000 individuals are currently in deportation proceedings but have not yet been removed........[citing TRAC research]. Despite the scrutiny that the program has generated in thepublic sphere, the federal government has conducted limited systematic analysis of its own data on individuals who are arrested under Secure Communities.........[citing TRAC research].

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