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October 2011

Muslim “Homegrown” Terrorism in the United States
By Risa A. Brooks

The declination rate rose to 73 percent in ªscal year (FY) 2008 from 61 percent in FY 2005 and from 31 percent in 2002..........[citing TRAC research]. Unearthing terrorist-related activity at earlier stages, when it is less likely to form the basis of a substantial case. If, as a result, even some number of these cases that might in the past have gone under the radar result in arrests, then the actions of law enforcement, independent from any actual change in the amount of terrorist activity being undertaken by the population, could be producing larger numbers of recorded terrorist incidents.Equally important, law enforcement may not just be detecting more cases; itcould also be generating more cases through its actions in two ways. First, law enforcement could be seeking to build more substantial cases against those accused of terrorism-related offenses, which could increase the number of incidents counted in the data.........[citing TRAC research].

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