Putting TRAC to Work
GAO Report to Congressional Requesters
July 2021

Actions Needed to Better Track Cases Involving U.S. Citizenship Investigations

For all of these selections, we included a range of low, medium, and high enforcement action field offices and sectors, as well as a variety of geographic locations. The information we obtained from interviews with field officials are not generalizable to all ICE, OFO, or Border Patrol operations; however, they provided us the opportunity to learn more about how ICE and CBP officers and agents implement policies and procedures for investigating the citizenship of individuals they encounter and how they document these investigations. Additionally, we interviewed individuals from Northwestern University’s Deportation Clinic and Syracuse University’s Transactional Resource Access Clearinghouse Immigration, which are research entities that conduct similar work analyzing immigration enforcement issues and data, to gather their perspectives based on their work.

Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse, Syracuse University
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