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June 24, 2021

The Biden administration is making illegal aliens a superior class over citizens
By Daniel Horowitz

The administration is now re-inviting as many as 10,000 more, according to an estimate by Michele Klein Solomon of the International Organization for Migration. You can bet your bottom dollar these individuals will not be required to be vaccinated like so many Americans are in order to obtain services or employment in so many areas of life. The 10,000 estimate is likely low, because according to data from Syracuse University's Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse, 27,842 aliens were denied for failing to appear in court and 6,686 had their cases dismissed. In total, about 70,000 illegal aliens were returned to Mexico while MPP was in place since 2019. It's hard to imagine that any effort to reopen those cases will not involve spending taxpayer funding to pay for the invasion, as well as possibly permitting more of them to remain in the country undetained and giving birth to more citizen babies.

Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse, Syracuse University
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