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The Dallas Morning News
January 19, 2021

Will Biden stop the public health order that has turned away migrants nearly 400,000 times?
By Dianne Solis and Alfredo Corchado

Honduran offcials who came to McAllen in October ( Delcia Lopez - The McAllen Monitor ) Heisler, who has discussed Title 42 with the incoming Biden administration, said she believes change will come, possibly within the first month. But she added, “They’re sensitive to not sending a message that OK, the borders are open.” Lawyers from the ACLU to Human Rights First to the Haitian Bridge Alliance are calling for repair of the asylum system, starting with the lifting of Title 42 and the end to the pre-pandemic Remain in Mexico program, which has kept 70,000 asylum-seekers in Mexico waiting for their cases to make their way into the immigration courts. About 28,000 people now have cases pending in what’s known officially as the Migration Protection Protocols, according to the Syracuse University nonprofit TRAC.

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