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The Household Financial Losses Triggered by an Immigration Arrest, and How State and Local Government Can Most Effectivey Protect Their Constituents
By Geoffrey Alan Boyce, Earlham College and Sarah Launiu, University of Arizona

Between fiscal years (FYs) 2006 and 2020, a total of 14,371 removal cases were filed against residents of Pima County in US immigration court (TRAC 2020). As Kocher (2020) discusses, the number of initial filings provides a useful measure of the intensity of immigration enforcement, given that this figure captures the initiation of an enforcement process, rather than its conclusion (as reflected, for example, by deportation numbers). As a metric of enforcement activity, however,this figure remains imperfect, because it fails to capture the arrest or deportation of those individuals who accept voluntary removal or who already have an existing order of removal (and who therefore, generally, are not granted an opportunity to mount a legal defense).......[Citing TRAC Data].

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