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The Cost of Failure: The Burden of Immigration Enforcement in America's Cities
By Afton Branche

Analysts find that the sharp growth in detention and removals between FY 2005 and FY 2009 wasfueled by increased numbers of immigrants who hadnít committed crimes..........[citing TRAC research]. Data from October to December 2009 indicate the beginning of an important shift in civil immigration enforcement, during which ICE began to more intentionally go after criminal immigrants. Throughout FY 2009, only 27 percent of immigrant detainees had criminal records, while during the first three months of FY 2010 nearly 43 percent had criminal records...........[citing TRAC Research]. Finally, increasing numbers of immigrants detained as a result of local immigration enforcement only adds to the staggering backlog in the nationís immigration court system. By the end of September 2010, there were 261,083cases awaiting resolution before the immigration courts, an all-time high..........[citing TRAC research].

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