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Chicago Sun Times
April 2, 2020

Release undocumented immigrants who pose no danger before deadly coronavirus sweeps through detention centers
By Marlen Garcia

Fifty-four percent of immigrants in detention who had criminal convictions were categorized last year as Level 3 offenders, according to Syracuse University’s TRAC research center. Their “crimes” were low level offenses, such as illegal entry to the U.S. or traffic-related violations. Columnists In-depth political coverage, sports analysis, entertainment reviews and cultural commentary. Those people should be set free. Their so-called crimes didn’t warrant detainment and deportation in the first place. Another 31,000 people were being detained who had no criminal convictions at all, TRAC research showed, and some of them were showed, and some of them were asylum seekers.

Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse, Syracuse University
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