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October 5, 2019

Opinion: The real reason for Trump’s meltdowns
By Paul Brandus

Prosecution of white-collar crime has been falling for years. Susan Long of Syracuse University, who tracks this, says the drop began during the presidency of Barack Obama (officials are criticized as having believed that executives at big banks were simply “too big to jail”) and has continued on Trump’s watch. “This year, federal prosecutors are on track to bring the fewest number of white-collar criminal cases this year in at least 33 years,” the Syracuse professor, an inductee of the National Freedom of Information Act Hall of Fame, tells me, citing government records. Perhaps this means financial executives are better behaved? Human nature and greed being what they are makes this unlikely: “I think there’s tons more offenses out there than are being prosecuted,” Long says, adding that there are “more crimes out there than there are prosecutors to look into them.”

Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse, Syracuse University
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