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Hartford Courant
July 12, 2019

Connecticut immigrants, state officials bracing for threat of immigration raids
By Rebecca Lurye and Slade Rand

Raids have been conducted regularly in Connecticut since 2003, often producing hundreds of arrests. And regular ICE enforcement has contributed to 691 new deportation proceedings in Connecticut this year, as of June, according to Syracuse Universityís TRAC research center. Ninety-five percent of those cases involve immigration charges, not criminal ones, according to TRAC. And for those with a valid defense against deportation, the process is lengthy. Connecticut has an immigration court backlog of 6,250 cases, and an average wait of a year and a half, TRAC shows. It is slightly unusual to target families, as opposed to immigrants with criminal histories, but itís not unprecedented. The Obama and Trump administrations have targeted families in previous operations.

Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse, Syracuse University
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