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December 2010

Backgrounder Southwest Border Security Operations

During the Bush Administration, the annual count of federal criminal prosecutions for immigration offenses more than quadrupled, while federal prosecutions of other crimes has substantially decreased. Nearly 80,000 immigration prosecutions were filed in fiscal year 2008, compared to 39,458 in the previous year and less than 20,000 in fiscal year 2002.........Unfortunately, this trend continued into the Obama Administration. In 2009, of 169,612 total federal prosecutions in the country, 91,899 (54%) were for immigration charges. And 92% of those immigration-based prosecutions were simply for illegal entry or re-entry, as opposed to fraud, identity theft, smuggling people, or hiring illegal workers.........In 2010, immigration prosecutions have made up 84.5% of Arizona’s federal criminal docket, while less than 7% involved drugs or narcotics.........Criminal prosecutions for immigration violations have continued to grow,representing more than half of all federal prosecutions nation-wide in 2009. [citing TRAC research]

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