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May 10, 2019

Fact-checking the Trump administration's immigration fact sheet
By Salvador Rizzo

Itís no myth that the rate of granting asylum varies widely by judge and by location. In a detailed data analysis of immigration judges who decided more than 100 asylum cases from fiscal 2012 through 2017, the nonpartisan TRAC research center found that, out of the 35 immigration judges in New York, the one with the lowest denial rate (3 percent) and the highest (58.5 percent) were still far apart from their peers in Los Angeles. In that city, the 34 immigration judges ranged from a denial rate of 29 percent to 97.5 percent. The TRAC research center has a table comparing asylum applicants who did and didnít have lawyers from fiscal 2012 through 2017. Overwhelmingly, those with legal representation had a higher success rate. Take the top five countries for asylum applications: China, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Mexico. In each case, denial rates were appreciably higher for asylum applicants without representation. Chinese nationals were the biggest group of applicants. Those without lawyers were denied asylum in 79 percent of cases, yet for those with lawyers, the rate was a fraction of that ó 18 percent.

Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse, Syracuse University
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