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April 26, 2019

The Stability Paradox of Special Immigrant Juvenile Status Backlogs: Unstable Policy Implementation for a Stability-Aimed Visa
By Lanna S. Sanchez

The Migration Policy Institute estimates that “in the 2010-14 period, approximately 1.7 million Central American unauthorized immigrants resided in the United States.”91 Throughout this time, DHS also began to file deportation proceedings in immigration court involving unaccompanied minors at a much higher rate. In the year 2010, just 11% of DHS filings involved unaccompanied children from Central America–––which soared to an alarming rate of 40% of filings involving such youth in the year 2014. While these statistics are not broken down by the type of relief that such individuals sought while their deportation proceedings occurred, it is likely that many could have been eligible for SIJS or asylum. Such rates are alarming considering that unaccompanied minors are a vulnerable population who often flee from traumatic experiences in their home countries.........[Citing TRAC research].

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