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Stanford Law Review
April 1, 2019

Identifying Limits to Immigration Detention Transfers and Venue
By Adrienne Pon

The scale of transfers in the immigration detention system is staggering. Four observations about the current transfer practice help illustrate its scope. First, the number of transfers has steadily increased over time. For instance, the total annual transfers surged from around 47,000 in 1999 to around 406,000 in 2009. In fact, as of 2008, the number of detainee transfers actually exceeds the total number of immigrants in the U.S. detention system. Second, the percentage of detainees who experience at least one transfer is also on the rise. In 1999, approximately one out of every five detainees (19.6%)was transferred to a new facility; in 2008 the majority of detainees (52.4%) were transferred.......[Citing TRAC research].

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