Putting TRAC to Work
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United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit
November 13, 2018

J.E.F.M. vs Whitaker Before: Andrew J. Kleinfeld, M. Margaret McKeown, and Milan D. Smith, Jr. , Circuit Judges. Order ; Dissent by Judge Berzon

In one recent immigration case, lawyers representing a three-year-old child in removal proceedings recounted that during the middle of his hearing, the child began crawling on the table. Absurdly, the only thing atypical about that case was that the child had a lawyer. Thousands of children, some very young and many unaccompanied, continue to appear for their immigration proceedings without representation. They face trained government attorneys, convoluted procedures and paperwork, and hearings conducted using technical jargon in a language they often do not understand. The result is nearly preordained: deportation.......,{Citing TRAC data and research}.

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