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The Case for a National Legalization Program without Legislation or Executive Action: Results from Screening for Immigration Legal Options
By Jeanne M. Atkinson, Catholic Legal Immigration Network and Tom K. Wong, University of California, San Diego

The data project that approximately two million immigrants who are currently undocumented are potentially eligible for legal status, but they either do not know it or have not pursued it. Given the life-changing impact of legal status on immigrants, their families, and US communities, it is imperative to conduct a massive, nationwide screening and legalization effort. Increasing access to high-quality, low-cost legal service providers will be essential if the goal is to reach and serve a high percentage of the potentially eligible. Although there is a benefit to be gained if undocumented immigrants know they are eligible for legal status, to secure such status, most will need legal assistance. As a component of building capacity, legal training focused on complex immigration law, practice, and court skills is essential. For example, in immigration court, an applicant for asylum is more than five times more likely to be granted asylum when represented than when unrepresented........,.{Citing TRAC research}.

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